Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

As their name so aptly implies, indoor/outdoor rugs give you the versatile option of using them outside or anywhere inside your home. Outdoor/indoor rugs are expertly crafted from highly durable and weather-resistant materials to withstand exposure to the outside elements. These materials also make outdoor/indoor rugs resistant to moisture, staining, fading and static, and they’re exceptionally well-equipped to hold up against heavy foot traffic. Pottery Barn offers a diverse selection of outdoor/indoor rugs in a wide range of styles, patterns, weaves, material blends and sizes, and you’ll find peace of mind knowing that these rugs incorporate recycled, eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic and BPA free.


For unrestrained versatility in your outdoor spaces, feel free to use these rugs on patios, verandas, balconies and terraces – anywhere you want a pop of color and some added warmth or texture. And, selecting the right kind of outdoor rug is easy with a few key considerations. As with choosing indoor rugs, measure the area where you plan to use the outdoor/indoor rug. A rug should ideally be large enough to frame all the furniture – if you’re using it – within its surface unless you’re setting the seat backs against the wall. In this case, measure just enough for the rug to fit under the front legs of the furniture against the wall. If you plan to use the outdoor/indoor rug with an outdoor dining set, measure the surface of the dining table and add two feet to all four sides.


Once you’ve determined the size of the area, start selecting from our offerings for one that suits your size needs, whether you need something that’s 2’ by 3’ or 7.6’ by 10’. Now, how will you go about choosing the style of your outdoor rug? Our outdoor/indoor rugs come in various designs and colors. When choosing a particular style of rug, feel free to match or contrast it with the shade and pattern of the furniture that it frames or highlights. For cohesion in your outdoor space, match your rug to your doormat or other floor covering nearby, or use rugs in different colors to set up separate indoor or outdoor zones.


To match your outdoor/indoor rug with the furniture, check the upholstery or slip covering on the cushion. If it has a pattern, you may want to choose an outdoor/indoor rug with a solid design and vice versa.