Kilim, Kitchen & Entryway Rugs

Enjoy exotic, ancient designs combined with thoroughly modern sustainability when you order kilim rugs and entryway rugs for your home from our impressive selection at Pottery Barn. Synthetic and recycled kilim-style rugs are available in compact sizes that make inviting floor coverings for entryways and short hallways. Many styles of entryway and kitchen rugs are reversible and may be used indoors or outdoors, so you don’t have to worry when a bit of mud or dirt lands on the rug’s surface. Simply vacuum up messes, or rinse the entire rug off with a hose outdoors. Let it dry, and it looks like new again. The dual sides offer twice the wear, too.

Kilim and entryway rugs are available in larger matching sizes to highlight the dining room table area or a cozy kitchen seating set. Mix and match the rugs to accent the best features in each room. Place smaller versions of dining room-sized kilim rugs in your kitchen. This little detail mirrors your dining room themes and colors for a great decorator touch. Small, easy care kitchen rugs work well in front of the sink and kitchen prep areas. When you add the required pad underneath these smaller area rugs, they help prevent slips, ease strain on legs and back, and cushion the hardworking feet of those preparing meals for large families or parties.

If you have a small home bar or wine storage cabinet, the indoor/outdoor kilim rugs and entryway rugs are your solution to reduce increased wear and tear on floors in front of these beverage-related zones. Stray ice cubes and splashes of wine land on the rug instead of the hardwood floor or carpeting. In the past, people shied away from using kilim rugs as floor protectors. Modern technology makes it possible to have the luxuries of both rich fabric and easy care in the same small carpet.

Personalized and monogrammed doormats are wonderful household assistants when it comes to letting guests know they’ve arrived at the right door. Place doormats at the front and back door stoops to keep dirt and grime from being tracked through the home. Order a double-wide doormat to place under the shoe-changing bench in your mud room or entryway. Doormats can be shaken vigorously or vacuumed to remove dust and dirt.

Kilim rugs and entryway rugs are versatile as well as functional. A sisal or seagrass rug brings nature into your home office while protecting the original flooring in your office from random ink and coffee spills. Kilim and other flat woven rugs don’t block doors and rolling desk chairs the way standard rugs might. Kilim and natural fiber rugs are low-profile and stay flat while vacuuming when used with the required rug pads. Choose from rugs in tiled, striped, and diamond patterns for the home office, or select a kilim rug or entryway rug in a traditional multi-colored or space-dyed design. Remember, the more you love your home office, the more productive you are. Make the workspace as elegant or as cozy as you like with your favorite area rugs.

Kilim rugs and entryway rugs work anywhere you want a low-maintenance floor covering with style and durability. Use smaller kilim and woven rugs in front of bookcases, study areas, craft tables, porch swings and deck furniture. Use the same colors and design in every room of your home for a stunning look. Combine and contrast designs and colors of rugs to make each room in your home a unique space. Indoor/outdoor kilim rugs and entryway rugs work hard next to the tub, the washing machine, the dog-washing station or the kitchen center island. They also look great wherever you decide to put these versatile little floor coverings.