Indoor/Outdoor Rugs


Indoor/Outdoor Rugs & Doormats

Turn an outdoor space, such as a patio or decking, into another room of your house using an outdoor rug. This homey touch pulls the elements of the outside area together, such as the table and chairs, lighting and plants, to create a fun atmosphere that’s ideal for a family meal or party. In addition, the rug protects the flooring underneath it.

Before deciding on a rug, you need to be sure what size is the right one to get. A large rug is ideal for a spacious garden area, while a small rug is better on a petite apartment balcony or for those times when when you want to accent a particular part of a patio or your yard. For placement underneath an outdoor dining table and chairs, a medium rug is ideal. Choose a pattern and colors that match the surrounding area to enhance and accentuate it. Try matching the rug to chair cushions, plant pots and tableware for beautiful accents all around the space. Bold patterns and bright colors add fun and contrast to otherwise neutral furniture and decorations on the patio or around the decking, while a rug in calmer tones nicely enhances an already colorful or elaborate garden design. Go for different looks with a reversible design. For a completely natural look, a faux grass turf rug is a fun way to transform a paved area into a pretty green space.

Many of our outdoor rugs are made from varying fibers, so you can consider what you want to use the rug for and how you want it to feel underfoot. The weave may be recycled yarn or recycled plastic, which is great for an eco-friendly option. Alternatively, woven polypropylene is a common weather-resistant option. For general use, a good pile height makes the rug feel comfortable underfoot, whereas a low pile height is better underneath a table and chairs for stability and to make it easy to slide your chairs out.

Outdoor rugs are great for warmer months when you want to keep the party going on outdoors instead of inside. You can certainly use the rugs indoors as well, but these indoor/outdoor rugs are actually suitable for year-round use outside. They have weather-resistant properties and have a special coating that protects them from fading due to sun exposure or wear from other elements.

Place a rug pad under the rug to hold it securely in place and prevent accidental slips, especially when walking across it with bare or wet feet after a swim. Rug pads are available in various sizes to accommodate different sizes of rugs, from small to large.

Before a party starts, welcome guests into your home with a doormat. Not just there to keep things clean, a doormat also expresses a message to your visitors when they arrive. A patterned or picture frame design adds a finishing touch by the front door. Decide whether a half-moon shape or rectangular shape looks better in front of your home. Add a personal touch and include the family name or your monogram on the doormat. Doormats are crafted to withstand the elements year-round and are therefore usually made from textured coir. This is a durable fiber that’s woven from coconut shell husks. This tough material means your doormat is long-lasting, standing up to continued use and changing seasons.

The warm months have arrived and your guests are about to too, so it’s time to prepare your patio or decking for a memorable outdoor occasion. No matter what size, color or shape of outdoor rugs and doormats you’re looking for, at Pottery Barn we have an extensive collection that’s sure to satisfy your decorative needs.