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Start from the ground up, and build your perfect living space on a foundation of stunning rugs and window treatments. Changing up your area rug or drapes is a simple and effective way to reinvent your style. With so many patterns and materials to choose from, you have the opportunity to step up to the challenge of realizing your artistic vision.

Choosing the right rug for your room puts any interior design project on the right footing, helping to define the scale of the space and creating the right mood. You may want to choose your rug before making any other decorating decisions; after all, the rug is going to be one of the largest things in the room, and it’s going to have a strong visual impact. By using the rug as a focal point for the overall look of the room, you create a cohesive style, and it becomes easier to shop for furniture and room accents. For example, if you’ve already selected a bedroom rug with a bright and playful pattern, you may decide to select glass table lamps, minimalist wall art and soft furnishings with simpler designs to keep the room balanced when you want to relax. Similarly, if you’ve already picked out an area rug that prominently features a solid block of color, it’s possible to select other room accents that contain traces of the same color to create a unifying thread that ties the room together.

Before making a purchase, think about the size of your room. A large rug in a large room helps to accentuate the size, making the space feel airy and open. If you position furniture over the rug, you define zones for interactions. For example, if you want your living room to bustle with conversation, arranging your seating around a rug and a coffee table creates the perfect setting for a sit-down gathering. Size is an important consideration, but your feet are just as important, and a well-chosen rug is a luxurious way to keep toes toasty. Positioning your bed in the center of a large shag rug means there’s a soft and welcoming surface that makes mornings more enjoyable and ensures you always wake up on the right side of the bed. However, deep pile may not be the best option in your study if you have wheeled office chairs, as you’ll find it difficult to reposition the chairs. A more durable rug with a short pile capable of withstanding a lot of compression and rolling may prove more practical. Positioning a rug pad under the rug prevents slipping, and also creates a more cushioned feel underfoot. If you need a rug for a high-traffic area, consider a hard-wearing material such as a wool to keep your rug looking its best for as long as possible.

In terms of window coverings, a clever choice of drapes has the potential to instantly transform your room. Create a cozy space for intimate conversation, or a bright and breezy function room for family gatherings and entertaining guests. In a nursery, consider blackout drapes to ensure Mr. Sun doesn’t interrupt naptime, and look for thermal drapes to make your home snug and keep those energy bills down in winter. Think about going sheer in your living room to really open up the space and bring the outside inside, or go for heavier drapes with a warm color palette if you want to keep your inner sanctum personal and private. If you’re looking to maintain a more modern aesthetic, Roman shades may be just the thing. They’re available in standard and custom sizes with cordless designs, making them the perfect fit, even for family homes with very young children.

Making your house into a home doesn’t have to involve an expensive redesign. Make the first step in creating the living space you’ve always dreamed of by selecting area rugs and window treatments that reflect your personality and enhance your home.