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Wool Rugs

It comes as no surprise why wool rugs are among the top choices when it comes to floor covering. Apart from being visually appealing due to its matte finish, the soft and natural feel of the fibers give you a very comfortable surface to set your foot on. Wool is also naturally resilient, which means that it is resistant to crushing and even pressure marks will spring back into shape easily if you moisten the area and allow it to dry. Unlike synthetic fiber rugs, wool is also resistant to stains, which means that rugs with this material require less cleaning and maintenance. At Pottery Barn, we offer a fine selection of wool rugs in various sizes, colors and design. Like other west elm offerings, our wool rugs come with the same quality materials and construction.

Another attractive feature of wool rugs is its ability to regulate temperature, retaining heat or giving you insulation as you require. This quality means that wool rugs give a very comfortable surface to walk on and where your young ones can frolic about year round. Style-wise, rugs work well with virtually every design theme including classical, modern and contemporary styles. Whether you want your area rugs to adorn your living room floor, dining room, bedroom or any other place in your home, there are one or more from our extensive selection of wool rugs that will suit your requirements and taste.

Size is one of your main considerations when shopping for wool or any other type of rugs. If your wool rug is for the living room, there are a few standards when deciding on a size but they all depend mainly on the layout of your seating furniture. The most common advice when selecting a rug size for the living room is that to choose one that should go under the front legs of all the seating furniture. With this type of configuration, the rug complements the seating furniture in anchoring all the design elements in the room. This configuration, however, works well only with modern style furniture. If you have contemporary living room seating with a low, upholstered base or large L-shaped sectionals, you can try other layouts. These include having the seating furniture frame the rug or have a large rug frame all of the seats and the center table.

Rugs for the dining room has an even easier rule of thumb when choosing a rug size. According to general design standards, rugs for the dining room should be able to frame the dining table and the chairs. The rug should also have enough space along the edges to frame the chairs even with someone occupying them. Because the dining room is also a high-traffic area, choose wool rugs with a shorter pile, which tends to be more durable.

For rugs that go in the bedroom, wool rugs are ideal because of their natural softness and pleasant texture. Choosing a rug with longer pile enhances these features, which gives your bedroom a more relaxing feel to it. As for the rug size, choose a rug that can go about three-quarters of the way under the bed and extend about 2 feet or so from the foot and sides of the bed. Just like in the living room, however, you can also choose a larger rug that can frame the entire bed as well as the nightstand, bedroom bench and any other furniture within the immediate vicinity of the bed.

When it comes to deciding on a style or pattern of a wool rug to buy, there are several ways for you to choose one. Some choose a rug according to the color palette of a particular room, narrowing their choices to those that are within a few shades of the most dominant color in the room. Others choose their rug to function as a canvas to make other furniture and decorative elements to pop out visually. However you decide on the style of wool rug to buy, it is always best to trust your own taste.