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Kilim, Kitchen & Entryway Rugs

Rugs for small spaces, such as your entryway or kitchen, brighten up the space and help protect the floor. However, these two places in your home see a lot of traffic, so you want to make sure you choose a rug that’s durable enough to do the job. There are numerous styles, sizes and designs to choose from, making it easy to find the rug to bring your design visions to life.

Choose the Right Size for a Beautiful Floor

The size of your entry rugs and kitchen rugs will correspond with the size of the space they inhabit. A small rug in a large space might not play as big of a design role as you want it to in harmonizing with the decor and setting feel of the room. Alternatively, a rug that’s very large in a space can also make the room feel smaller than it really is.

Rugs that you place in front of a doorway can be at least as wide as the door, but try not to have them extend all the way to the walls. It’s also helpful for them to have a low profile. This ensures that, when you open and close the door, it doesn’t drag or snag on the carpet. Thick and plush carpets are comfortable to walk on, but they wear out quickly if the door needs to open atop them.

When choosing rugs to go under kitchen tables, err on the side of bigger rather than smaller. Select a rug that leaves at least 24" of open floor space on all sides so that guests can easily slide their chairs in and out. Runners work well in the kitchen because they help to warm up a cold floor. There are lots of narrow spaces between islands and counters that traditional rugs don’t easily fit into. The right size can even make a small kitchen look bigger. Ideally, choose a rug that leaves at least 6" of space between the edges of the rug and the edges of the cabinets.

Rug Styles for Every Taste

Entry rugs and kitchen rugs come in all colors and patterns, so you can choose any style that goes along with your personal taste. Solid colors are like blank slates. They make the floor comfortable and the space warm, but they also allow you to jazz up the space with other design elements, such as colorful decor on a hallway table or patterned wallpaper.

Stylish Rugs for High-traffic Areas

Dark colors tend to hide messes more easily than light colors in areas of your home where people frequently walk. However, if you’ve fallen in love with a light-colored rug, placing a quality doormat on the outside of the door or directly inside the entryway can help keep things looking spotless. Patterned rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas. They are more forgiving in how they show dust and are just as easy to keep clean as solid designs.

Natural fibers and colors have a crisp and clean look. The natural colors are versatile, so you they work with a variety of decor themes – no matter how often you like to change things up. Flat weaves have a smooth surface, so dirt and crumbs don’t get trapped easily. This makes them a solid choice for high-traffic areas, such as your entryway or kitchen.

Prevent Slipping with a Rug Pad

Many entryways and kitchens aren’t carpeted. Placing a rug on a smooth, flat surface can lead to slippage and movement, especially when you walk on these rugs frequently. To prevent your rug from sliding around on the floor and eliminate the need to reposition it frequently, place a non-slip rug pad underneath.

An entryway rug is the first thing people see when they enter your home. It introduces and welcomes people into your space and gives visitors a sense of your style. It also welcomes you inside each time you return. Choose a style that embodies your personality and makes your home shine.