Enliven Your Room With Antique Rugs

Antique rugs bridge the gap between traditional style and modern decor. As a result, they work well with homes of various aesthetics, including transitional, mid-century modern and contemporary. These rugs feature intricate patterns and vibrant colors that make a statement in your space. Use these one-of-a-kind rugs to enliven the floors in your bedroom, family room, or foyer. First, learn more about the rugs available in this collection to find the right look for your home.

Vibrant Patterns

The defining feature of antique rugs from Pottery Barn is their richly-hued, intricate patterns. Discover rugs in this collection available in an array of hues, ranging from deep reds and blues to grays, blacks and greens. When selecting the right rug for your home, first consider the colors reflected in your room. After all, if you're investing in an antique rug for the bedroom, you want to ensure it coordinates well with your comforter and other decor.

Patterns displayed on antique rugs are decidedly traditional, reflecting various intricate patterns that weave together to create one distinct design. In this collection, you can find rugs crafted in Iran nearly a century ago, with each rug featuring a one-of-a-kind design. So, when you invest in the antique rugs in this collection, you're adding a vintage piece to your home unlike any other.

Sturdy Construction

The one of a kind rugs in this collection might be antique, but that feature shouldn't call into question their durability. On the contrary, these antique rugs boast durable designs that have held up well and will continue to do so in your home. They feature handcrafted wool constructions that are supremely durable and work well even in high-traffic areas. These rugs do feature some wear because of their antique design, but they have been professionally cleaned so that they arrive ready for display in your home. Many of the rugs in this collection include a thin, low pile that doesn't attract dirt or moisture, which means it will wear well in your space.

With the addition of antique rugs to your room, these one-of-a-kind rugs instantly become the focal point of your room. Let your style be your guide as you select the right rug, one that coordinates with other room decor like wall art. Give your room a new look with your antique rug, which is sure to be a conversation starter when you entertain your guests.