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Luxurious Bathroom Ideas for Small or Large Spaces

Though high-traffic spaces like the kitchen and the living room are often given more design focus, a well-styled bathroom can really make a difference in your home. Having a beautiful bathroom gives you a calming spot to relax and refresh as you get ready in the mornings. For bathrooms large or small, the right bathroom ideas can transform the space into one you'll love to use.

Find your bathroom inspiration by browsing through Pottery Barn's gallery of expertly-designed bathrooms. You can also click on each photograph to see a full list of the furniture and bathroom decor used in each room. Choose a specific bathroom theme to follow or mix and match different pieces to follow your own style.

Nautical-Themed Bathrooms

Using a navy and white color scheme, you can give your bathroom a nautical upgrade. Create a navy accent wall or go a step further and paint thick blue and white stripes instead. Use fun accents like anchor wall stickers and anchor-printed hand towels throughout the room to tie the nautical theme together.

Tropical-Themed Bathrooms

A bright patterned shower curtain is the star of the show in a tropical island-themed bathroom. Look for a shower curtain that features bright colors like turquoise and coral then add matching hand and bath towels. Decorate with faux palm trees, pineapple-shaped bathroom decor and golden accessories to complete the look of a tropical paradise.

Spa Oasis-Themed Bathrooms

If your bathroom ideas all involve relaxing baths and face masks, a spa bathroom is a great choice. Paint your walls a crisp white and use a neutral color palette to decorate to create a calming environment. Wooden furniture in light tones, glass canisters for bath products and a few leafy plants will all help fulfill the spa theme.

Industrial Modern-Themed Bathrooms

Pairing ultra-stylish modern accents with rugged industrial pieces will create a look that's unique and eye-catching in your main bath. Use black wall paint or black accent tiles as a modern backdrop for an industrial bathroom vanity cabinet. Copper or stainless steel bathroom furnishings finish the look.

Monochromatic Gray-Themed Bathrooms

For an effortlessly elegant bathroom scheme, try a monochromatic scheme using shades of gray. By adhering to one color family, it's easy to ensure your bathroom decor is cohesive. Mix darker tones and lighter tones to create visual interest in the space. You can also choose to add small pops of contrasting color using decorative items here and there in the space to break up the monochromatic scheme.

Turn your basic bathroom into a decorative dream with beautiful bathroom ideas from Pottery Barn. Whether you crave a home spa, a tropical paradise, a modern wonderland or a mix of many styles, Pottery Barn has all the bathroom furniture and accessories you need to bring your bathroom inspiration to life in your home.