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Benchwright Double Master Bathroom

Benchwright Double Master Bathroom

Bath Benchwright Collection

Style your home with beautiful, solid pieces from our bath Benchwright Collection available at Pottery Barn that will fit your needs and suit your style. Constructed of deeply distressed wood with the character of a rich industrial past, the collection’s sink console makes a bold statement for any bathroom. Featuring gorgeous, glossy Carrara marble and chamfer detailing on each side, this piece is sure to impress your family and friends. Sealed with a protective lacquer for moisture resistance, you can use it to keep countertop accessories without worrying about damaging the surface. Select elegant glass holders to store makeup and hairbrushes, or opt for ceramic to hold toothbrushes and soaps.

Use your Bath Benchwright Collection furniture to keep your bathroom neat and organized. Store bath towels in the open cubby holes of the sink console for easy access for guests and family members. Eco-friendly Hydrocotton towels complement the environmentally friendly nature of the reclaimed Benchwright items and are quick drying. Place the towels directly into the shelving or add a touch of style and movable organization with baskets and bins to fit your style. You can also use the covered drawers to hide away extra towels or cleaning products for an organized and functional space.

Complete your bathroom design with bath rugs that can be placed underneath or in front of your Benchwright bath furniture for maximum performance. Complement the rustic nature of the Bath Benchwright Collection’s exposed nails and burnished metal handles with jewel- or Earth-toned rugs for a natural look. Mix and match colors to create a cohesive look with your towels or make the rug stand out with a graphic print. The rich industrial look of the Benchwright pieces can be made to look more contemporary by adding a geometric print rug.

Turn your Bath Benchwright Collection furniture into a vanity by simply adding mirrors directly above each double sink for a finished look. Choose mirrors with burnished metal finishes or wood frames for a cohesive look and build up the industrial nature of the collection. Opt for a medicine cabinet to store your most used items. Match the drawer pulls with our faucet collections and then choose a mirror with the same frame material to create the look of a predesigned unit. If you are short on space, opt for a recessed medicine cabinet to put into the wall directly to save space and make the room seem larger.