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Sausalito White Bedroom

Sausalito White Bedroom

Honeycomb Sausalito Bedroom Collection

The Honeycomb Sausalito Bedroom Collection exudes an airy, coastal personality. The Sausalito bed’s headboard is made of woven rattan, and the wood frame has a gorgeous weathered finish. Top it with the billowy collection’s duvet cover and shams for a sleek, comfortable feel.

The bedside table is complete with two drawers and lower shelf for storage. Keep books, magazines and reading glasses on the shelf for convenience. A table lamp works well on the bedside table for reading or catching up on the computer before bedtime. Decorative lamps come in metal, wicker, ceramic and glass. Wicker is in keeping with the beachy, coastal vibe. Alternatively, shake it up a little and go for an acrylic tripod lamp or a marble, brass task lamp. The lamp is certainly a useful accessory, and it complements your decor.

Take advantage of the collection’s extra-wide dresser, which has four large drawers and four small drawers for organized storage of your clothes. Hang a mirror above the dresser for a little primping. We have some exquisite designs in mirrors at Pottery Barn, such as an extraordinary bevel square mirror, sunburst shapes or a nautical galvanized porthole mirror. Group frameless mirrors atop the dresser to add dimension. All of these mirrors are versatile and would enhance the beach theme, an eclectic-toned decor or a traditional motif.

The tall dresser provides extra storage with four wide drawers and two smaller ones. Place a tray on the dresser to catch coins, keys and wallets. Hammered metal, etched brass and white wicker are a few of the available options. These are not your everyday, run of the mill trays. They are artfully designed in interesting shapes and sizes to complement the dresser and the room. They can be handy for any room in your house.

Complete your bedroom with a coordinating area rug in the center of the floor. When you step out of bed or comb your hair in the mirror, you’ll appreciate the extra cushion the rug provides. The rugs feel good and are sharp to look at as well. Soft muted tones will blend in subtly for a monochromatic look, or choose bold colors or patterns to make a statement. Retro shag rugs are plush and light on the feet. Classic Persian rugs add depth with their intricate designs. Earth-toned sisals and jutes look very natural and add some texture. You can’t go wrong if you choose something you like and that suits your interior design.