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Banks Hayes Dining Room

Banks Hayes Dining Room

Banks Dining Room

If you’re in search of some classic staples to enliven your dining room, or want to redecorate and redefine the space from furniture to dinnerware, our Shop By Room option is a brilliant way to garner and peruse ideas, view a wide range of Pottery Barn collections and designs and ultimately find pieces that make your dining room an exceptional place to hold a cocktail party or have a family meal. The exquisite and elegant pieces found in the Banks Hayes Tufted Leather Dining Room Collection offer both a polished, yet classic look that’s sure to turn your dining space into one of your favorite rooms in the home.

Offering both comfort, practicality and aesthetic appeal, the tufted leather chairs suggested with the Banks Collection give your dining room a distinctly professional feel. These chairs can provide comfort during a long holiday meal or cocktail party. Paired with the chairs is a large, oval-shaped dining table. Crafted with a solid poplar and MDF construction, the finish is hand-applied, giving the table a sleek sheen that’s going to last for many a family meal over the years. You may also feel free to match any set of dining chairs with this versatile table. Choose from everything from standard, upholstered dining chairs to deeply colored dining room benches to make a perfect match.

Your dining room is, of course, much more than furniture, and completing the ensemble is part of the joy of decorating (or redecorating) a room. A blue rug with a subtle print matches well with a deep espresso-colored table, adding a hint of coolness to the room. To bring out more warmth, match a more neutral or beige rug. Lighting in your dining room is important as well; opt for a classic crystal chandelier to offer a more formal, refined look, while still offering plenty of light for eating, drinking and good times.

When it comes to your tabletop, opt for a simple, yet elegant dinnerware set that is versatile enough for a formal meal or a family meal. Crystal decanters match beautifully with the deep color of the wood, while wood pedestals add a rustic charm to the table. For more formal cocktail parties, instead of an ice bucket or serving tray, opt for a wooden wine trough in which to hold white and sparkling wines during the meal. Pair with a complete set of crystal wine glasses, allowing you to serve everything from Bordeaux to Gewürztraminer.