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Linden PB Comfort Dining Room

Linden PB Comfort Dining Room

Linden PB Comfort Dining Room

Create a warm, inviting space for your next dinner party with gorgeous pieces from the Linden PB Comfort Dining Room Collection. Thanks to the durable construction, dining room furniture from the Linden Collection we offer at Pottery Barn maintains a high sense of style, even after years of use. Opting for matching items is a simple step to help the space maintain a uniform look that coordinates well with your home’s existing decor.

When you’re browsing through potential additions for your home, decide if you’d like your furniture to also double as storage. If so, a spacious buffet is a great choice for your dining room. Use the buffet’s top to hold trays, serving dishes and glassware; it acts as an extra set of hands as you pour beverages and prepare appetizers or set out dishes for your guests or your nightly meals. Once it’s time for the party to end, use the buffet’s cabinets and drawers to store your linens, flatware and dishes until your next event – or tomorrow night. Conveniently stow everything you need for a memorable party out of site in one place. You can even configure the storage exactly to your preferences by taking advantage of buffet that includes adjustable shelving.

See to it that there’s ample seating for your guests and family by integrating a large table into the layout of your dining room. With the addition of a single table, it’s possible to add 11 more place settings to your dining area. For a distinct look, select a table crafted from mango wood. Thanks to the wood’s natural variations, each one looks slightly different, meaning you’ll have a unique piece of your very own to cherish for years. The neutral hue provides a pleasing contrast to the vibrant colors and patterns of your favorite dinnerware too. An acrylic sealant protects your new table from spills and drips, making cleanup a breeze. Using a damp cloth, just wipe up messes as they occur to keep your table looking its best.

Once you have the furniture you love in your dining room, think about the room’s decor and ambience. Cast a romantic glow over your delicious feast with light from a timeless chandelier. To maintain a light, airy look, opt for a chandelier that boasts wooden beads instead of the traditional crystals. The wood beads delicately encase the light, allowing soft beams to peek through the intricate design.

If you want your dining space to feel even more spacious, use a mirror to help reflect light and open up the room. A beveled mirror works well for reflecting the contents of the room while maintaining a sense of depth. Make the mirror the focal point of one of your walls, or hang it with other pieces of art for a dining room that you’ll love spending time in.