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Toscana Aaron Dining Room

Toscana Aaron Dining Room

Toscana Maya Dining Room

The Toscana Maya Dining Room furniture is designed with superior craftsmanship and intricate detail. Its trestle table resembles a 19th century Italian tailor’s work table. Each piece is meticulously constructed with X-shaped supports and key tenons, and finished with a distressed top. Many fine meals will be eaten at this table. The buffet stands 36 inches high and is 72 inches wide and 19 inches deep, so it is roomy enough to store serving dishes, platters and table linens. The cabinet doors have glass at the top to display your favorite tableware. The Maya chair is very shabby chic with a relaxed, but refined look. The natural rattan is woven over a wooden frame, then topped with a puffy, comfy cushion.

You’ll want to linger in a dining room like this. Serve family and guests delicious meals on gorgeous dinnerware that fits with the stunning dining room table. Melamine and glazed stoneware are a sturdy weight, so the dishes don’t feel flimsy in your hands. They are beautifully designed with details, similar to the Toscana furniture, in bohemian patterns, classic colors and different shapes. Mix and match colors for a cheerful table presentation.

If you’ll be having wine with dinner, choose one of our exquisite sets of Pottery Barn wine glasses. Pour your favorite Cabernet in a stemless glass or a Chardonnay in a fancy stemmed wine glass to toast friends at your dining room table. Sangria is great served in a wine goblet topped with fruit.

Coordinate serving platters with your dinnerware. Select deep dish and slender, narrow platters to serve food to your family and friends. They come in lots of shapes, like rectangular, circular and oval. By using a little of each, the table takes on an elegant display. And food just tastes better when it looks good.

To further set the tone for your dinner party, consider serving appetizers, side dishes or desserts on a tiered stand to display them prominently. Adding height to the table creates some dimension and showcases the food. Galvanized metal is rustic and stunning at the same time with texture similar to the woven Maya chairs. It can complement all colors of food and dishes. White porcelain also pairs well with other colors and varieties. It serves as a pedestal with a handle on top for carrying or passing around the table. For fancy parties, you might choose classic silver tiered stands to serve petit fours. Regardless of your theme, a tiered stand can make its way to the table. They also are pretty enough to stand alone on top of a buffet table when not in use.