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Design inspiration for every room in your home

Patio Ideas for Every Outdoor Space

Discover patio ideas to make your outdoor space a welcoming oasis. With trends towards indoor-outdoor living becoming more popular, many people are decorating decks and verandas with as much care and good taste as their interior rooms. Get in on the trend and spend more time outside with gorgeous patio furniture and high-quality fabrics made to withstand all weather. Shop Pottery Barn for patio inspiration now.

Patio Furniture for Living, Dining and Entertaining

Start creating a remarkable outdoor space with patio furniture that inspires relaxation and fun. New furniture options outclass older materials, construction and design for pieces that last season after season with much less risk of fading, cracking or weathering.

  • Pick a dining table and chairs to create foolproof family dinners outdoors. If you're in a sunny climate or place your table somewhere with lots of open sky overhead, choose an umbrella and base to match.
  • Indulge in a layout that mirrors your living room with cushy pieces that invite leaning back and letting go for a few hours. Build your own sectional to hang out with lots of guests or place armchairs in a semi-circle or around a fire pit.
  • Dot your patio with lots of side tables, benches or other lounge-like details. That way, guests have places to mingle comfortably when you entertain.

Finding Your Personal Patio Inspiration

Knowing which patio ideas are best for you comes down to a matter of your personal taste, plus the layout or amount of space you have outside.

  • For a big yard, break your space into sections. Create an outdoor bar and dining area across from each other, so you can gather around for cocktails or sit down for a meal. Look for touches like outdoor rugs on decking or stone to define "rooms."
  • If you have a pool, create a casual area where you can hang out in a bathing suit to enjoy a snack or beverage.
  • Add glamour to the layout with cantilevered umbrellas or throw pillows in bold stripe patterns.
  • Keep waterfront verandas and decks open to enjoy the seascape or lake. Shop for wooden or concrete furnishings that add gravitas to the beauty of the water. Rugs, lanterns and decorative objects help the space feel like you brought the indoors out.

Covered Porches and Seasonal Spaces

Don't forget to get a few patio ideas for semi-outdoor spaces. Many people live in areas with distinct seasons and spend at least part of the year enjoying covered porches, sunrooms or even rooms designed to feel like they're outside thanks to big windows.

  • If this is you, forego the umbrella and ground your space with a lovely rug in a natural material.
  • Create a backdrop of botanicals with planters, indoor hanging pots and tabletop centerpieces with lots of greenery.
  • Get inspiration from outdoor spaces, like your favorite resort, or just bring the seasonal stuff inside when the weather turns.

When you choose beautiful patio decor, it's easy to feel like the furnishings could work inside, too.