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4 Environmentally Friendly Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

4 Environmentally Friendly Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Eco-friendly products are a fantastic choice for any part of your home, but they can have an extra noticeable impact in your bedroom. Bringing eco-friendly products into the restful sanctuary of your bedroom can make every morning fresh and tranquil, and you’ll sleep extra soundly knowing you’re doing your part for the planet. From your bedding to the rug on the floor, embrace these eco-friendly home ideas to bring a refreshing sense of peace and beauty into your life.

Reclaimed Wood

Environmentally friendly practice focuses on the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Reclaimed wood is almost like a fourth R thanks to its eco-friendly and highly sustainable approach. As the name implies, reclaimed wood reuses lumber that’s had a previous life in a different form. This means that you’ll end up saving a tree or two by re-using lumber that has already been cut and milled. When it comes to bedroom furniture made with reclaimed wood, it means that a nightstand or headboard made with reclaimed wood may have had a previous life as a barn door or floor boards. As an added bonus, reclaimed wood furniture is quite beautiful thanks to its naturally weathered appearance and handsome wood grain. This makes reclaimed wood furniture perfect for a rustic and naturally cozy feel in your bedroom.

Organic, Sustainable Bedding

Your bedding can also get in on the eco-friendly movement thanks to the rising popularity of sustainable farming techniques and increasing availability of luxury-quality organic fibers. From organic cotton to sustainable cotton velvet, you can embrace all the classic textures of a luxurious, sumptuously comfortable bed while also keeping an eye on your environmental impact. For ultimate comfort, start with a base layer of classic, organic cotton bedding and pair with other eco-friendly fabrics such as velvet or TENCEL® for blankets, duvet covers and pillow shams. Some sustainable bedding types, particularly those made with bamboo, may even feel extra silky and soft to the touch, which is a fantastic quality to embrace as you snuggle up for a good night’s sleep.

Eco-Friendly Rugs & Curtains

Bring eco-friendliness to your walls and floors with sustainably sourced curtains and rugs. As with bedding, the look and feel of your new decor may be quite familiar, but you’ll rest easy knowing that your room is draped and padded with healthy, ethically sourced fabric. You have the freedom to embrace a variety of different colors and styles to make your bedroom look just right. From crisp linen curtains with a romantic, diaphanous quality to thick cotton drapes with a luxurious feel, eco-friendly window coverings include plenty of classically elegant and glamorous choices to suit your exact needs. Eco-friendly rugs also give plenty of freedom for creative expression. Choose from bold prints or classic patterns made with soft yarns that you never would have guessed were plastic bottles in a previous life.

Recycled Decor

Your bedroom isn’t really complete without some delightful decor and an environmentally friendly bedroom is no exception. The right decor makes your bedroom feel truly yours, and the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice style when you focus on sustainability. Add some romance to your bedroom with eco-friendly decor objects made from recycled glass. From artistically textured vases filled with your favorite local flowers to beautiful lanterns and candleholders, recycled glass is an excellent material for the bedroom. Some recycled glass pieces have a unique textural dimension and come in a variety of bright and classic colors that make them truly special. These eco-friendly pieces add just the right amount of interest to your bedroom while still maintaining that perfect air of serenity.