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6 Ways to Add Color to

Your Outdoor Space

6 Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

It's time to brighten things up! Whether you live in a suburban space or find your own urban oasis in a private deck, adding some color to your outdoor space makes the area feel vibrant and fun. No matter how you use your outdoor space, whether it’s for a large dining table or a sprawling, casual lounge, you can put your own unique signature on your patio with fanciful color. From pretty pillows to well-chosen rugs and vibrant accessories, adding new hues to your patio is a great way to brighten things up. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pretty Plants and Planters

Plants are a quick, easy and delightful way to add color to any outdoor space. From fragrant flowers with tons of color to stunning foliage in a variety of vibrant hues, you can add plenty of lush green with pops of pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, white and blue to your patio space. Choose flowering vines like wisteria, clematis or trumpet vine to add green color throughout most of the year. Boost your color palette with some beautifully painted planters to add an extra special touch.

Splashy Shades

Patio umbrellas add a bright pop of color paired with some functional, protective design. You can choose a patio umbrella with bold stripes or select a shade in a bright primary hue. Match with your outdoor furniture upholstery, or choose a contrasting color to add a little bit of additional interest. If you need more than one umbrella, you can mix and match from a range of different shades to make it your own. You can even select a few different colors in a gradient for an ombre effect. Think baby blue, turquoise and navy umbrellas for a monochromatic, beachy effect. If you’d rather introduce a variety of colors, go for a rainbow of different tones for sunny, fun style. 

Kaleidoscopic Lights

Lanterns and hanging outdoor lights really boosts the style of your space and they’re also an effective way to deliver color that you can enjoy even when the sun is out. From star-shaped lanterns with rainbow panels to colorful string lights in twinkling, fanciful hues, colorful lights shine brightly, day and night. The transparent glass or plastic sides of a colorful lantern will catch the sun’s rays, while the light shining through at night illuminates the rainbow from the inside. If you choose outdoor lights without any built-in color, use colorful light bulbs or candles to add an extra pop of color.

Rich, Colorful Rugs

Don’t forget to look down! Even in outdoor spaces, a rug ties a room together and can add a generous dose of color. Whether you opt for a brightly patterned floor covering or you choose a solid-colored option in an inviting shade, consider just how much color a rug can deliver. Like outdoor umbrellas, you can choose rugs that coordinate or contrast with your outdoor furniture upholstery. Choose a contrasting color to bring in a subtly edgy effect and add variety to the space. If you choose a rug in a coordinating tone, you may want to opt for a different shade than what you’re highlighting in your furniture cushions, or choose a fun rug texture to add some dimension and depth.

Chromatic Curtains

Outdoor drapes add an instant dose of luxury to any outdoor area. Whether you create a cabana-like feel or you use curtains as lightweight privacy screens, you’ll enhance your space and give yourself another way to introduce color into your outdoor decor. Choose vertically or horizontally striped drapes to add a fun, beachy touch of pattern, or stick with a solid tone. If you’ve decided to use neutral colors for your outdoor furniture, consider outdoor drapes as a colorful backdrop.

Playful Pillows

How do you use throw pillows in your indoor space? Do you change them out with the seasons or keep a single set of colorful cushions on display? No matter how you approach this part of your indoor living room and lounge areas, you can use the same strategy in your outdoor space to introduce seasonal color or keep things uniform throughout the year according to your whims. Pillows add comfort to your outdoor seating areas, but they’re also fantastic tools for introducing more color and creating a quick makeover with bright results.