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Entryway Inspiration

Entryway Inspiration

Whether you have a two-story foyer with a sweeping staircase or a cozy hallway, your home’s entryway is more than just a portal to your living space. It's your own personal warm welcome when you arrive home from a long day at work as well as an inviting first impression as guests, friends and family drop in. If you’re wondering how to decorate an entryway so it’s both functional and stylish, let these ideas get you started.

Sleek Hotel-Style

You don’t have to go all-in and set up a reception desk for this entryway inspiration idea, but it can pay to think like a hotel designer a little bit. It’s one way to highlight your entryway’s elegant side. Think Art Deco, Miami Beach-chic – dark colors contrasting with shiny metallic accents and statement mirrors for a dramatic welcome to your stylish home. Try using an ornate statement mirror with a gilded frame or a polished metal-and-glass console table to anchor the space. Dial up the drama and add a glittering chandelier to the ceiling for a touch of sparkling and sensational luxury.

Spa-quality Serenity

Create a serene and welcoming entryway by using a modern spa environment as your entryway inspiration. Think about using gorgeous natural wood pieces, white walls and eco-friendly accents - like a jute rug - to give your home a calming, natural feel with a harmonized entryway. It’ll give visitors and residents an instant sense of peace and tranquility. Enhance the ambience with cool, calm colors and bring in some organic elements such as a lush green plant, a vase of fresh flowers or even a small water feature to add beauty to the space.

Bright and Cheery

Make your guests (and yourself!) feel instantly at home with warm, inviting colors and charming decorative accents. If you prefer a casual approach to a more traditional one, the bright and cheery accents may be perfect for you. Focus on incorporating things that bring you joy and make your entry space feel light and bright. Consider changing up your wall color and using some personalized decorative pieces to make your cheerful statement shine through clearly. Whimsical animal statuettes or a chair upholstered in a detailed or playfully patterned fabric are great!

Art Gallery Chic

If you love to display your favorite works of art throughout your home, why not carry it through the home and into your entryway? You can choose gallery-style lighting and a minimalist furniture arrangement to highlight a photo or painting that’s immediately adjacent to your front door. You’ll get a chance to appreciate the works upon entering your house and just before you head out for the day. What better way to mark the transition from public to personal space than with a bold artistic statement that captures your aesthetic priorities and brings beauty into your life?

Cozy Cabin Appeal

Think of your entryway as a place where guests and family members can shift gears into comfort and take off any snowy, rain-soaked or muddy clothes and shoes. You can provide comfortable upholstered bench seating and plenty of hooks for hanging clothes, hats and bags. Consider using dark wood and classic tartan prints to enhance the alpine feel of the space. Adding some practical accessories, such as a boot brush or scrubber mats and a decorative umbrella stand, makes the space usable and charmingly rustic.

Efficient Functionality

If you live in a small space without much extra room to spare for decorative arrangements, you can still make your entryway look great. Consider using organizer furniture pieces with built-in shelves and drawers and adding an attractive set of hooks or a vintage-inspired coat rack for a blend of form and function. You can choose bins and baskets in bright colors and classic patterns to bring a pop of color into the mix and give yourself extra space to store essentials. Bring in a stylish light fixture for the ceiling to add a decorative finishing touch.