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How to
Spruce Up Your Kitchen for a Night of Entertaining

Let’s face it: not everyone can – or is allowed – to redo their entire kitchen space. You can spruce up your space without spending a mint – or taking on a full-blown remodel – with Pottery Barn’s quick kitchen design ideas. From adding new kitchen accessories to replacing your tired towels, you can easily create a warm, welcoming ambience in no time at all. Focus on playing up your kitchen’s style by streamlining your counters, adding new decorative elements and creating new focal points to set the stage for a fun night of entertaining in a kitchen you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family. 


Fresh Faced

Hold it right there! You don’t need to go out and get all new cabinetry to liven up your kitchen. Instead, start small and give them a little facelift. Are they a little scuffed? Do they look a little tired? Start by giving the cabinets a good scrub. Patch up any scratches with handy touch-up markers. 

Maybe a fresh coat of paint or stain will do the trick, or maybe all you need is a new set of cabinet pulls to give them a new look. These tricks aren’t just wallet-friendly. They’re earth-friendly too because you’ll keep these cabinets out of the landfill the longer you use them.

Add a Little Texture

Add a hip, contemporary vibe to your kitchen by mixing in different materials and textures to contrast with what’s already there. For example, if you want to make a sleek, contemporary kitchen feel more homey, add some warm, wood shelves or a freestanding bar. If you want to make a traditional kitchen feel more modern, you can add some metallic shelving or a contemporary bar cart to make the room really pop.

Mix It Up

Mixing closed cabinetry with open shelving adds an instantly modern look to your kitchen while adding valuable storage space. Put your most visually appealing glassware, dishes, serveware. You can also use this space to display your prized cappuccino maker or your beautiful barware and pitchers.

Make It Yours

Use framed artwork, photographs and mirrors to create new focal points around the room.  Not only is it a chance for you to make the space your own, but it also helps to distract from a less-than-modern stove or not-totally-your-style cabinets. 

Create various artwork displays around the room to that add color and personality to your kitchen. Lean a frame on an out-of-the-way counter, hang a canvas on the wall or arrange a group of paintings or photos on a shelf.

Declutter Immediately and Often

Let your kitchen shine and make the space look larger simply by going through the room and sweeping away the clutter. This includes going through your cabinets and drawers to get rid of things that you don’t use. Stow cooking utensils neatly near the stove in decorative containers to keep them nearby while corralling the clutter. Invest in kitchen and pantry storage to get – and keep – your kitchen neat and tidy.

Top It Off

Grab a vase and fill it with fresh flowers or a festive seasonal serving bowl to fill with fruit. These decorative elements round out the look of your kitchen and take just a moment to put togethe. If you have a little extra time, throw down a colorful rug by the sink or install a buffet as a makeshift island to expand your prep space.

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