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Decorating tips for your kitchen

The key to any good lighting plan in the kitchen is finding the right balance between task lighting and ambient lighting.

Rugs in the kitchen? Yes, rugs in the kitchen.

Let's face it: not everyone can – or is allowed – to redo their entire kitchen space.

The kitchen is the hearth – and heart – of any home, no matter the size of the room.

In a room that's used for preparing food, serving snacks and everyday meals, maintaining organization is essential.

In addition to storing food, cooking tools and dining essentials, the kitchen is also usually the place we keep our mail, keys, papers and other family must-haves.

The kitchen is where meals are prepared, and recipes are perfected, so it is important to infuse the room with functional and inviting accents.

A media cabinet or armoire provides hidden storage for the television, stereo, DVD player, game console and more, plus at-hand organization for movies, games and music.

Not all sofas are created equally. We pulled ours apart to show you how it tops the competition.

Pottery Barn's in-house expert demonstrates an easy way to repair damaged furniture and re-create beautiful mahogany finishes.

One of the most enjoyable parts of summer is taking advantage of all those beautiful blooms that become available as the sun shines longer and the temperatures warm up.

Baskets are a simple way to add beauty and organization to your home.

Do the forks go on the right or left?

Open shelves are warm and inviting to your guests and create an open look to make your kitchen look more spacious.

Conquer the chaos of cluttered kitchen counters and get cooking faster with our no-nonsense tips to stay organized in the kitchen.

There are lots of different ways to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle in all parts of the house, and the kitchen is no exception.

Cooking, chatting, creating – your kitchen is the heart of a home.

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen and that's one of the best things about it.

Ready to reinvigorate your kitchen and turn it into a place where you love spending even more time?