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Using Accessories
to Arrange your Kitchen


The kitchen is where meals are prepared, and recipes are perfected, so it is important to infuse the room with functional and inviting accents. Follow these tips to beautifully arrange accessories in your kitchen.

1. Begin with a display of attractive yet practical items like well–loved plates and platters, and favorite bottles of wine. Setting out your favorite glassware to be admired brings special interest to a kitchen.

2. Use a built in plate rack to keep frequently used dinnerware at hand and safely standing upright between wooden dowels.

3. Consider a stainless steel kitchen counter top — it's hard–wearing, hygienic, impervious to food acids and can handle the heat of pots and pans.

4. Use an assortment of decorative accents to add dimension and variety to the space. From rustic found objects to colorful botanicals, these additions will infuse the kitchen with energy. Don't be afraid to mix in unexpected touches like travel mementos and favorite photos too.

5. The wall above the stove is a neglected area of the kitchen where shelves can easily be installed for arranging and storing accessories such as utensils and favorite spices.

6. Everyday linens can be stored in shallow drawers or in baskets on open shelves. Remember to keep them far enough away from the stove so they do not absorb odors or grease.

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