In this video from Pottery Barn, we meet the people behind Watermark Designs, a manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures from Brooklyn. Pottery Barn and Watermark Designs have collaborated to bring beautiful and functional bath hardware and fixtures to you.

Several experts explain the values and design mantra of Watermark Designs and their partnership with Pottery Barn. They value their customers and can create the gorgeous and well-designed bathroom fixtures due to their design policy. With their emphasis on quality, product designers can carry their vision through right from the designing and prototype stage to the beautiful, finished bathroom fixtures. Another export elaborates that all their bath hardware is made and plated by hand and almost all bathroom fixtures are made by scratch in U.S.A.

The association with Pottery Barn and Watermark Designs is due to their shared, strong American brand values. The made-in-America products come together with American designs and ingenuity.