Pillars & Tapers

Mood lighting is a great way to make your home feel more special. Whether itʼs a romantic night in with your partner, a special family dinner or a fancy cocktail party with your favorite friends, candlelight is the perfect way to make an event feel more magical. Pottery Barnʼs pillars and tapers are a great solution for all your candlelight needs, from giving yourself a spa-like atmosphere in the bath to providing just a bit of outdoor illumination on starry summer nights. Available in a wide range of sizes and a rainbow of colors, these large candles are the perfect lighting accessory for your home.

Our candles are also available in a variety of light formats, including both traditional wick and modern flameless options. If you like the physical presence of a flame, you can choose from one of our long-burning smokeless wax candle options. If you simply like the look of a flickering flame and donʼt want to have to worry about flameout, our modern flickering flameless candles, which use LED technology to simulate the shape and flickering quality of a natural flame, are an excellent alternative. Adding to their tactile and aesthetic realism, our flameless pillar and taper candles have natural wax construction. Your guests will never know the difference, and youʼll have the ability to keep your candles going for hours without worrying about burnout.

Perfect when grouped together, arranged solo or placed inside one of our beautiful lanterns, our pillars and tapers are big and bold, allowing you to project a dramatic light in any room of your house. Thanks to their flames or drip-proof design, depending on which model you choose, these candles can stand on their own directly on top of whatever surface you choose for display. For a bit of added protection, though, you can use one of our decorative trays or plates to bring your candle vignette together for a cohesive look.

If you choose to display one of these large candles in a lantern, consider placing them outdoors for a fairytale garden display. Whether for a relaxing evening on your own or a major celebration like a wedding, our lanterns and pillar candles work together to make your outdoor areas look spectacularly polished and elegant. Also fantastic for indoor use, you can combine a pillar candle with one of our lanterns and some vase filler or other decorative material to create a multipurpose decorative piece. We even offer some remote-controlled flameless candle options so you can turn your candle on without disturbing your lantern decor.

Candleholders also make a great match for our pillars and tapers, giving you a specially designed container to showcase your candles and project their light. From recycled glass holders for your tabletop to decorative wall-mounted sconces and sculptural displays, we have plenty of options for you to choose from for your pillar and taper candle display. Group our beautiful glass or metal candleholders together with some decorative objects ,such as sculptural objects dʼart or vases of fresh flowers, to create additional dimension, texture and ambience. If you choose to group your candles together with flammable decorative objects, such as plaster sculptures or dried and faux botanicals, opt for a flameless candle option to keep your displays safe and functional.

No matter what kind of decor you favor for your indoor and outdoor spaces, our pillar and taper candles can help you keep them looking great and feeling calm, elegant and romantic. From a single candle to a grouping of dozens, weʼll help you shine the kind of light you want to on all your special events and personal moments.