Candle Pots, Votives & Homescent

Pottery Barnʼs candle pots and votive candles are special kinds of decorative objects. These beautiful candles provide mood lighting, but they also have their own decorative containers that help beautify any space theyʼre in. Our homescent also adds a unique kind of decor to your home by appealing to your sense of smell, something thatʼs often overlooked when it comes to home decor. All beautifully designed using high-quality materials, these home accessories enable you to add another dimension of personality and elegance to your living spaces.

From the living room to your guest bedrooms and even the kitchen and bathroom, our candle pots, votives and homescent are the home decor equivalent of a favorite perfume you wear when going out to a special event. While perfume isnʼt a strictly necessary addition to your best outfits, a delicate signature scent is an ideal finishing touch to take your ensemble from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Whether you use a set of matching votive candles to complete a holiday table centerpiece or add homescent to your entryway for a welcoming whiff of fragrance, these items allow you to add a final grace note of comfort to your home.

Candle pots and votives differ from other kinds of candles in how theyʼre presented. Many of our candle pots and votives are ready for display as they are and require no additional decoration or preparation. We offer a variety of different candle types in this format, including both traditional paraffin wax and modern flameless LED candles with wax construction and light that flickers just like a real flame. With votives and candle pots available in a variety of sizes, you can find the perfect match for your needs, whether you want a generously proportioned decorative candle for your coffee table or a selection of tealights to scatter around the dining room for formal occasions.

Our homescent can similarly be displayed on its own or as part of a mix of decor that includes other items. With beautifully designed options that include glamorous glass bottles for reed diffusers, our homescent items are a great way to add some pleasant scents to your world. Youʼll have a variety of different scent options to choose from to suit your fragrance preferences, including fruit, flower and atmospheric scents such as pomegranate, paperwhite and ocean. You can tuck your homescent container behind a large vase, or you can simply leave it out in full view for everyone to admire.

These decorative accessories are quite versatile, allowing you to choose your method of display. From blending votives in with other candleholders to creating a minimalistic impression with a single, well-chosen candle pot, you can control your homeʼs interior mood with just a little bit of additional light and scent. From giving guests a pleasant hint of perfume to providing mood lighting for important gatherings, our candle pots, votives and homescent are must-have accessories for the sophisticated host. When blending homescent with scented candles, however, take care to select scents that work well together and donʼt create an overpowering effect.

Bathroom countertops, dining tables, bookshelves and nightstands can all be improved with the addition of a candle pot, votive or bottle of homescent. Even if you donʼt find your homeʼs smell unpleasant, adding a little extra dash of flavor to the air you breathe can make you feel more comfortable and happy as you go about your day. From entertaining others to simply looking after your own happiness and sense of contentment, our candle pots, votives and homescent are simple items that can make a big difference in the way you present your home.