It is a unique and fresh idea to illuminate the rooms in your home with something more than just standard lighting. While wall sconces and chandeliers certainly add elegance and style to a room, there’s something to be said about non-traditional lighting. Lanterns are an excellent way to add warmth and style to a room with a unique twist on illumination.

Use large lanterns to place in a corner of a room for a large amount of light. Great for reading or simply relaxing and enjoying the evening, a large lantern placed on top of a side table or decorative ottoman allows light to spill out from the corner of the room. Alternatively, place small lanterns around the room for a candlelit effect. Many styles of lanterns available from Pottery Barn have small to large sizes within sets, so you are able to opt for every size for easy placement in a vignette or spread out across your home. Colors are definitely important. A brass finish works well with nearly any decor, while a lantern with a black finish may do well in a bright or white room for contrast. Lanterns with a white or silver finish look incredible against dark walls or decor.

Opt for hanging lanterns to place in a hallway or entryway, or in any spot of the room that needs a touch of illumination. Most lanterns come complete with hooks or handles for wall hanging, or you can easily place them on a table or mantel. Lanterns also do well complementing the look of outdoor decor. Nickel and blue glass lanterns or Hyannis lanterns with a rope handle and bronze finish complement a coastal or marine look. Lanterns are also a great idea for lighting the way during outdoor parties or a barbecue. Simply place them around your yard to light walkways or outside areas while entertaining, and slip candles inside each one. Mix and match candles with outdoor string lights for a beach feel, or use these combinations for parties and get-togethers. String lights also work well with lanterns for a coastal look indoors.

To make lanterns fully functional, they require the right candles. There are many choices for candles, including flameless candles, allowing you to light your lanterns without worry of dripping wax or a safety hazard. Many flameless candles are still made out of wax for a realistic look and feel inside the lantern. However, they rarely need replacing. Choose from different candle colors such as white, blue, gray and amber to easily complement your existing decor.