Mango Wood Natural Decor

  • Orbit Sphere

    Orbit Sphere

    • $99.50 Sale $48.99
      This impressive object, with airy metal rings grounded by wooden planets, creates a sense of dimension on a table or desk. 16" diameter, 16" high Made of mango wood and brass. Features a lacquered natural finish. Imported.
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    $99.50 Sale $48.99
  • Wooden Anchor Wall Art

    Wooden Anchor Wall Art

    • $129 Sale $77.99
      Hand carved and finished for an antique look, this character-rich piece brings seaside style to any room. Made of carved mango wood with a gray washed finish. Natural abaca rope. Mounting hardware included.
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    $129 Sale $77.99
  • Riddling Rack TV Cover

    Riddling Rack TV Cover

    • $599
      Old champagne riddling racks inspired our Riddling Rack Media Solution. Its natural, rustic character creates a perfect decorative cover for a TV. Made of mango wood with a rustic distressed finish. Not meant to hold wine bottles; for decorative use only.
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  • Framed Blue Textile Art, Trellis Pattern

    Framed Blue Textile Art, Trellis Pattern

    • $169 $334
      Showcasing the beauty of textile artwork, each of these prints exhibits the artistic pairing of texture and hue. Mango wood frame with a hand-painted natural finish. Printed cotton dhurrie fabric.
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    $169 $334
  • Mango Wood Dough Bowl

    Mango Wood Dough Bowl

    • $199
      Carved by hand from natural mango wood, our bowl has a simple, rustic feel that layers easily with other decor. It makes a perfect spot for faux botanicals or pumpkins, or even ornaments. DETAILS YOU'LL APPRECIATE Hand carved from mango wood. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Features an anti bug and fungal sealant. Due to each bowl being hand carved, each piece will be unique.
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