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Wreathes, Garlands & Plants

When it comes to the inside of your home, only those who you invite in see the comfort and beauty of your inner decor. When it comes to the outside of your home, however, any passerby is able to see your outdoor decorations and sense of style. Some homeowners spend hours on uniquely manicured gardens with ample decorations, while for others, just a few simple touches suffice. A mixture of wreathes, garlands and topiaries is an excellent way to liven up the outside of your home.

Many of our different wreath styles are excellent for front door decor, while others do well on the inside of a home. Choose from different types of wreathes that will last through any season, or purchase one that features a specific theme you enjoy. Opt for a wreath with faux flowers and greens, or opt for wreath made out of nonfloral material, such as shells, which lend themselves to a nautical look. For seasonal decor, pumpkins and holly are also terrific add-on styles.

Garland is also a beautiful way to decorate the outdoor portion of a home. Whether you are just adding it for the summer or are looking for an autumn and winter holiday touch, garland does well on the front door or mixed in with lanterns and string lights for an extremely festive look. Lighting such as string lights and lanterns doesnʼt have to be just for holidays and neither does garland. Attach both to the outside of your deck or patio to let friends and family know where the get-together is, or attach it to your mudroom or enclosed porch for a beachy feel.

The use of plants and topiaries are other classic ways to decorate the outside of your home. Pottery Barn offers both live and faux plants and topiaries to suit everyoneʼs taste and needs. While some folks do have a green thumb, others may not be as comfortable with gardening, but still appreciate a manicured outdoor look. An ivy topiary complements nearly any type of outdoor decor and does not require much care. Live moss is another wonderful idea for outdoor decorations, such as the inclusion of live moss on block lettering. Personalize your own outdoor garden by choosing your initials or a meaningful word or phrase, only to watch live moss grow around the letters.

In addition to plants and topiaries being excellent outdoor decorations, there are a variety of options for indoor decor as well. Opt for a live tabletop garden within a glass globe, a piece that looks excellent on a desk or mantel, or an indoor faux potted tree to add a touch of comfortable elegance to the room. There are many plants and topiaries that are seasonal as well and are well-suited for indoor or outdoor use. Consider a topiary shaped in the form of a bat for Halloween or maybe even a spider. Cat lovers appreciate topiaries in the shape of felines in both large and small sizes. Live ivy birdcages are also excellent choices for indoor or outdoor use.

Along with wreathes, garland, topiaries and other outdoor decorations, be sure to welcome everyone to your door with an outdoor rug or welcome mat. For the ideal final complement to your front door decor, choose from simple rugs that match your outdoor color palette or opt for true welcome mats with slogans that welcome your guests. Personalization is also available with outdoor rugs and doormats, so add the most personal touch of all by welcoming guests to your front door with a welcome mat that bears your familyʼs name.