Art Prints & Canvas

Develop the mood you are looking for in each of your rooms with art prints from Pottery Barn. Hang a boldly hued abstract print above the console, and your entryway or dining room wall becomes an upscale focal point. A large wall in a bedroom or media space becomes a room energizer when it displays a gallery of pastoral prints or a triptych art print depicting a modern subject. Print collections and individual prints span the gamut of subjects, from rustic to urban and from still life scenes to landscapes.

Quality art prints are compelling yet tasteful and accessible while still being understated. They enhance the room but donʼt overwhelm it. If youʼve been wondering how to start revamping your rooms, update your home decor by following a time-tested decorator tip. Instead of choosing your furniture and drapery colors and styles first, select your framed paintings, art prints and photographs first. Pick the art print arrangements that convey your love of botanicals, ocean waves or the play of colors on canvas. Hang the prints where you want them to go, and then draw inspiration for the rest of the room. Match upholstery patterns and colors with those in your art print. Do the same with carpet, drapery and other furnishings. If you love the colors in a wall hanging, youʼll adore the room you build around your favorite art print.

Itʼs important to the spirit to have decorative art in your private and social spaces. Art pieces help us connect with others, get a different view and even escape for a mental breath of fresh air. All of our art prints are wonderful accents for second homes and cottages too. Bring the ocean inside at the beach condo with a soothing and refreshing collection of nautical- and sea-inspired art prints. Go rustic in the lake cottage with some retro travel posters. In a city apartment, use botanicals and geometric prints to lift the eye and the mood.

Small art prints pack a big punch when you choose framed prints from our diverse collection. Prints look right at home when hung or resting on bookcases, ledges and shelves. Use small art prints in stand-up frames next to sculptures and vases to create inviting end table displays. Tile art prints work particularly well for this purpose. Use abstract art prints in one or two neutral colors to create soothing decor in a study or work area. Landscapes have a calming effect in bedrooms and offices no matter which style of furnishings you prefer. Pick an art print of a sunny field or a sandy shore, and your cares drift away every time you look.

One of the preferred spaces for a framed art print is over the fireplace. People love to relax while staring at a cozy fire and the area around the mantel. Itʼs easy to get lost in thought as you unwind there at the end of a long day. Our expansive landscapes are ideal fits to any contemplative fireplace space. We also carry art prints featuring vintage maps, signs and other nostalgia decor to enhance the look of fireplaces, entryways, headboards, home theaters and more.

Order art prints and other room decor items with confidence. We carefully select the works and artists whose pieces we offer. Art prints mix and match with our other home decor pieces, so you can successfully coordinate rooms with ease. Bedding, drapery and rugs in our collections look splendid when accented with our framed art prints. Fabrics and materials in our drapery, upholstery and rug collections are dyed in similar colors and patterns as those featured on our art prints. Go global, downtown, back home or down to the seashore with the art prints and other decor pieces you love best.