Embroidered and Patterned Pillows

Use embroidered and patterned pillows to inject your unique personality into your living spaces. At Pottery Barn, we understand that your rooms need to be an extension of you. So, prepare to be wowed as you peruse the many bold patterns, colors and pillow designs we have available. Are you infusing a theme into your bedroom or living room? A throw pillow can be an easy way to make this happen with style. If you have a message to shout, then a pillow could be the ideal medium.

Our sofas and sectionals are an ideal foundation for a generous selection of embroidered and patterned pillows. Whether you start with a neutral sofa in beige or ivory or you choose to inject a bold background into your living area with a bright sofa, you’ll find it easy to add comfortable pillows to your seating areas.

Coordinate your bedroom or living room decor in a delightful way by combining embroidered and patterned pillows with throws and blankets. Imagine the finished effect of combining a pillow in a bold plaid print with a knit throw. The textures and colors promise to delight all of the senses. Whether you’re snuggling on the couch or just enjoying the visual effect, you’ll never grow tired of these timeless pieces.

Keep a few extra embroidered and patterned pillows on hand when you need them. Oversized baskets with lids are the ideal spot to stow offseason pillows and throws. Not only are these baskets beautiful, but they also offer roomy storage options to keep your items conveniently accessible when you need them.

Brighten up your living spaces with flowers and plants. Injecting a little greenery always has a positive impact, and choosing faux plants guarantees that the greens remain vibrant and beautiful for years without any effort on your part. The finished effect of combining different elements such as plants and embroidered and patterned pillows is always beautiful, and you can even choose plants with blossom colors that coordinate with your embroidered pillows.

If you can’t get enough Americana in your rooms, you’ll love the flag-themed embroidered and patterned pillows available. If you prefer floral prints, you can’t ever go wrong with stripes, and it’s easy to mix and match these pillows to create a memorable effect. Whether you’re building a traditional or more modern style in your living area, pillows make it easy to pull your decor together beautifully.