How to Store Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add color, dimension, and personality to your furniture throughout the home. They accent sofas and loveseats and add plush comfort to side chairs and beds. In some situations, your throw pillows might need a convenient storage spot when not in use. You might have a rotation of pillows to use during different seasons or to switch up based on your mood. As a result, you need a smart storage solution for your throw pillows so that you can keep them organized and within reach.

Storage Ottoman

When concealed storage is what you need, consider adding a storage ottoman to your home. These versatile ottomans are multifunctional pieces in any home. In addition to serving as a convenient coffee table in a living room or family room, storage ottomans also open up to unveil plenty of stow space. A square or rectangular storage ottoman is spacious enough to place extra throw pillows. Plus, with this storage option, you can ensure that your throw pillows are always within reach when you want to bring them out to accent your furniture.


Showcase your favorite throw pillows even when they aren't on your furniture. A bookshelf is a thoughtful spot to add those pillows that you want to keep on display as a part of your home decor. Try placing throw pillows on a bottom shelf of a bookcase, whether you have built-in bookshelves in your family room or a standalone bookcase in your foyer. Here, the throw pillows remain accessible and visible, allowing their color, pattern, and detail to complement your home decor.

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets add a natural touch to your space, and they serve as a versatile storage option in the home. Whether they're tucked on bottom shelves of console tables or placed in corners of the room, woven baskets blend into virtually any decor. Many basket sizes are spacious enough to accommodate several throw pillows as well. When you're using woven baskets, your throw pillows remain on display, peeking out from the top of the basket. Plus, with this storage option, your throw pillows always remain within reach.


Benches are another versatile piece of furniture that can double as convenient storage. If you lack a spot in the bedroom to store your throw pillows, add a bench to the foot of your bed. When it's time to turn your bed down, place the throw pillows on this bench. Your room will stay cleaner with your throw pillows off of the floor. Plus, making your bed in the morning will be simple since your pillows will be within reach.

Plastic Storage Bins

Perhaps you have accumulated a large collection and need a spot to store those out-of-season pillows. Plastic storage boxes allow you to safely store these pillows, keeping them well protected when they aren't in use. Pick up a plastic bin with a lid so that you can keep dust, dirt and moisture out of this storage solution. Keep these bins stacked in a closet until it's time to bring out your seasonal pillows.

Under-the-Bed Storage

While baskets and bins of throw pillows can be slipped under beds, you can also streamline your storage by selecting a bed featuring convenient storage solutions. If you have a bed with built-in drawers underneath, try using it to keep your throw pillows stored when they aren't in use. These drawers easily slide out, giving you a place to put those pillows when it's time for some shut-eye. Slide them open in the morning for easy bed-making.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

If you have an open wall in a closet or laundry room, give wall-mounted wire shelves a try. These shelves offer additional storage space perfect for stacking throw pillows. This storage solution is ideal for pillows that you want to keep but don't want to display around the home. You can stack pillows by room or by color scheme to keep them organized.

Throw pillows should accent your furniture and enhance your decor, not clutter your space. Don't let throw pillows overwhelm your space. By having practical storage spots for throw pillows on hand, you can ensure that these pillows never get in the way and always have a home. Whether you want to hide your pillows when they aren't in use or display them for a decorative accent, you can discover a storage solution that suits your space.

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