Functional Mirrors

At Pottery Barn, we believe in making decor beautiful and functional at the same time. That’s because your home itself is a mixture of things. Many rooms are part art gallery and part living space. To enjoy your day to the max, it’s helpful to have a combination of beautiful artwork to put a smile on your face, along with pieces that make your life a little bit easier. You save time and can focus on doing the things you love, like having fun with loved ones. Bottom line, we want you to enjoy yourself no matter what you’re doing. If you want to know how functional mirrors make your day easier, and what kind of mirror fits your home’s ambience, then check out our helpful decorating tips and tricks for functional mirrors.

Mirrors offer many benefits for your morning routine. Whether getting you day off to a great start means styling your hair, putting on eye shadow and makeup or shaving, a mirror gives you the desired results. That way you can double-check to make sure you didn’t miss any spots while shaving. When applying makeup, getting up close with the mirror lets you feather blush effectively and apply makeup perfectly. If your bathroom has plenty of countertop space, it’s not hard to find a place for your beauty accessories. For a bathroom with a single sink console, one option is a mirror with built-in shelves or ledges to keep your go-to hair and skin products.

A functional mirror in the bedroom is a big help all day long. In the morning, it lets you give your hair one last look before heading out the door. Selecting the ideal pair of earrings and accessorizing beautifully is much easier when you have a mirror near – or on top of – your dresser. Think of it like a mini-vanity for times when you’re in a hurry. If you want something even more practical, some mirrors have sliding vertical jewelry drawers where you can hang necklaces, bracelets, watches and other pieces that are important to you. That way everything’s close by when you’re getting ready, which shaves even more time off of your morning schedule.

Keeping a mirror or two in the bedroom isn’t just practical for getting to work on time. It’s also helpful for post-work partying. Chances are you don’t feel like taking a ton of time before heading out with friends for drinks or dancing. With a functional mirror in your bedroom, you can literally zip in and zip out in no time. Just toss on a pair of jeans, your favorite shirt or top, and give your appearance a quick once-over in front of the mirror. Then, you’re ready to have some fun.

Full-length mirrors take things a step further. They give you a complete canvas to experiment with exciting outfits. You can see the way each blouse, shirt, skirt or pair of pants looks on you when combined. That makes it possible to play around with cool patterns and color combinations that focus all attention on you.

Entryway storage mirrors combine style and functionality big time. They can give your entryway a welcoming and warm feel or show off your sense of chic. Storage mirrors usually have a number of drawers and a top surface underneath the mirror. How does this help you? For one thing, it gives you a place to leave everyday items like car keys and wallets. That way you don’t have to look around for them before heading out the door. If you place a tray on the top shelf, you also have a place to take off earrings and bracelets where they won’t get lost.

Did you know that guests also like it when there’s a mirror in the entryway? There’s a good chance that during their trip over, either wind or rain or a hat have mussed up their hair a bit. With a mirror, they can check their appearance right away as they take off their shoes. That way they feel comfortable the rest of the night.