Oil Diffusers and Homescents

It’s easy to think of decor in a visual way only. However, interior design has to do with more than just what your eyes see: it’s about creating ambience and flair. That includes everything from the feel of a plush rug beneath your feet to a distinctive aroma floating in the air. They complement the artwork and lighting in your home to give it a characteristic feel. At Pottery Barn, we love helping you to personalize dream rooms. Having tons of choices in furniture, accents and candles makes it easy to leave your signature touch on every space: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bath, living room and more. How can you use oil diffusers and homescents to add an extra layer of excitement to your decor? Here are a few awesome ideas.

First of all, what effect do scents, in general, have on the way a room feels? Well, for one thing, aromas are closely related to memories. You’ve probably experienced it before: the smell of a favorite meal brings back pleasant moments spent with people you care about. In fact, aromas often shape the first impression you have of the places you visit. Whether it’s something bright or exotic, chances are you associate those fragrances with a positive experience.

What does that mean for your home? The scents you choose leave a lasting impression on your guests. They savor special aromas, enjoy parties and time spent with you even more, and may even comment to others how incredible your living room is. Plus, keeping a fragrance profile you like makes it easy for you to feel comfortable all day long.

Did you know that aromas even have a positive effect on your emotions and health? Many spas are well-known not just for their heavenly massages and beauty treatments but also for aromatherapy. Essential oils and other scents are naturally relaxing for your muscles, soothe any stress and help you to sleep better. Just like your favorite meal, attractive fragrances fill you with happiness and a positive outlook. Some professionals even suggest that certain aromas can boost your immune system.

What’s the difference between fragrant candles and oil diffusers? Both options are terrific for the home and each has certain advantages. With candles, you get to enjoy both a relaxing aroma and the soft glow of a lit candle. That can be amazing for soaking in a bubble bath with mineral salts or pampering yourself for an evening. Candles give you precise control since they mainly release their scent when lighted. On the other hand, oil diffusers have the power to spread a scent widely throughout the room. Since they stand alone, leaving an oil diffuser in action means coming home to a refreshing smell as soon as you walk in the door.

How can you choose the right scent? Well, just like picking out perfume or cologne, homescents are a personal decision. Of course, if you already know a person’s taste in fragrances from past experience, oil diffusers make a wonderful gift. What can help you decide the kind of aroma you’re looking for? One way is to think about your own personality. Are you peppy and adventurous? Do you prefer quiet reflection and relaxation? Are you a cooking aficionado with a passion for trying new things? Your hobbies and interests, as well as your favorite type of perfume, give you a big clue as to what you like.

Another way to pick out homescents is to focus on specific rooms. Is it OK to give each room its own scent? Definitely. You have complete creative control of the way each space smells. In fact, mixing and matching fragrances is one way personalize the home. Think about how you want to use the room. If you want your bathroom to wake you up in the morning, a citrus scent might be perfect. For an intimate and warm bedroom, choose candles with hints of exotic spices. Floral and fresh fragrances give a pleasant calming ambience to a neutral living room.