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Pillar and Taper Candles

Add soft, romantic lighting to your home with our selection of pillar and taper candles to suit any room. At Pottery Barn, we know that stunning candles can instantly brighten up a space or add the finishing touches to one-of-a-kind designs. That’s why we offer candles featuring natural aesthetics including birch and peppercorn accents as well as modern touches with crocodile and smooth finishes for a striking look. Mix and match pillar and taper candles with smaller votives to create dimension and texture within the space. Arrange the candles together in a tray for a peaceful vibe, or spread them around the room to add soft lighting and aromatic scents all throughout the house.

Our pillar candles can be used on small trays and plates that catch melting wax or as stand-alone decor if you don’t plan on lighting them. Flameless candles are an ideal choice for homes with small children or busy households since you won’t have to worry about them toppling over or forgetting to blow them out. Our taper candles are designed to fit perfectly in our candle holders for a romantic and elegant look. Choose a single candle holder to create a casual look or opt for multiple candle holders and tapered candles for a bold look. Mix and match candle holders of varying heights to create dimension and choose odd numbers for a symmetrical look. The long, thin wax of taper candles are perfect adorning the dining table and pair well with both rustic and contemporary designs. For rustic themes, choose candle holders in galvanized metal or burnished bronze for a farmhouse look. Cast-iron candle holders mimic the look of lighting from decades gone by and are great when combined with elegant chandeliers to highlight your dining table arrangement. Add to the elegance of contemporary designs with white taper candles and glass or silver plated candle holders.

Settle in after a long day at the office or running errands with scented candles that add an aromatic air to your home. Paired with oil diffusers, you can turn your home into a calming or energizing space. Pair your oil diffuser and candle scents with room themes to transport yourself and guests to dream escapes. Opt for ocean scented candles and oils featuring crisp hints of salt spray, sea grass, violet leaf, driftwood and aquatic musk to pair with your nautical design. Keep things natural with classic scents including vanilla and lavender that create a calming atmosphere, making these scents perfect for the bedroom.

Take your mood lighting to the next level by placing our pillar candles inside stunning lanterns that can be used indoors or outdoors. For elegant designs, glass cloches and hurricanes add soft, subtle curves that highlight your mellow decor. For bold, rustic designs choose from cast-iron, galvanized and wire lanterns that add homey detail to your space. Dress up the kitchen or outdoor entertaining space with lanterns made from wine bottles that add a humorous touch. You can even decorate for special holidays or seasons with themed lanterns featuring everything from pumpkins to natural landscapes.

Add the finishing touches to your decorative lighting with string lights that are both casual and romantic. Bulb string lights highlight the beauty of our Edison and tear drop light bulbs and are perfect for adorning your outdoor buffet table or outlining your outdoor seating area. Some of our string lights feature twig accents that pair perfectly with nature inspired designs and rustic homes. For special holidays or just a touch of shimmer in your favorite room, bunch up a group of string lights underneath a glass cloche or luminary. The clear glass helps to reflect light and create a stunning conversation piece with little effort.