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Create Ambiance With Pillar Candles

Candles are a simple and versatile addition to your decor. They can bring ambiance to your dining room table, fill your home with inviting scents or add a decorative touch to tabletops and bookshelves. Pottery Barn's collection of pillar candles is diverse, allowing you to select from several options when outfitting your home with these accents. As a result, this collection offers a candle style for any home. Explore this collection of candles to discover the right ones to adorn your space.

Flameless Candle Styles

Pottery Barn's pillar candles come in flameless varieties, which deliver several key advantages. First, they create a lifelike artificial amber flame that flickers for a realistic touch. These candles feature a convenient on/off switch on the bottom, allowing you to control it easily. With the purchase of a handy remote control for your flameless candles, you'll enjoy an even simpler operation. Plus, a timer feature means you can program the candles to turn on and off at certain times. Thanks to several available varieties, flameless candles are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can select solid-colored styles or choose a candle is adorned with greenery. Flameless candles are unscented.

Styling your flameless candles is easy because they are so versatile. You can display a single candle on your favorite candle holder  or in a hurricane vase, allowing it to stand out on your mantle. Or, mix-and-match sizes and styles of flameless candles and display them together. Imagine the beauty of several varied-height candles positioned together in the center of your dining table to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Let a duo of wall-mounted flameless candles flank your favorite piece of wall art. These LED candles offer many styling options, making them a smart investment.

Scented Candles

Scented pillar candles do more than just add a decorative touch to your space. They also fill your home with inviting scents. No matter your aromatic preferences, you're sure to find scented candles that you love in this Pottery Barn collection. You can enjoy fruit-inspired scents like pomegranate or delightful floral aromas like rose or paperwhite. Opt for a crisp, ocean-inspired scent blending aromas of honeydew melon, jasmine and cashmere woods.

Incorporating these scented pillar candles into your home is simple. Think of the rooms that you want to fill with these inviting scents. Perhaps adding a candle to a console table in your foyer allows guests to enjoy the scent as soon as they walk through the front door. You might find placing a scented candle on the nightstand next to your bed creates a cozy and relaxing retreat. You'll discover plenty of places where these scented candles work in your home.

Other Candle Styles

Traditional pillar candles add a classic look to your decor. Pottery Barn's unscented candles are crafted of pure paraffin wax. This wax makes the candle long-burning and smokeless. Plus, the cotton wick stays upright, and the tunnel burns straight down, which allows the candle to retain its shape as you use it. You'll enjoy clear light and added ambiance with these candles in your home.

Other styles of candles are available as well. Votive candles are smaller, which makes them supremely versatile. Scatter them on a tabletop to illuminate your space. Place them next to a floral centerpiece to add ambiance to your dining table. You can find flameless wax votive candles and glass votive candles. Select a style that best suits your home.

Pottery Barn's collection of pillar candles truly offers something for every home. Candles work well in any room of the house, whether they are displayed on a bathroom countertop, on a mantle in the family room or on a bookshelf in your home office. These candles deliver various features, including illumination and ambiance, welcoming scents and added decor. So, take time to discover the different features of these Pottery Barn candles to find one that's ideal for your home.