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Free Ship Throws & Pillows

Change can be great. In technology, for example, upgrades mean new features. When it comes to home decor, there’s nothing wrong with switching things up from time to time. Change infuses fresh excitement into a room. It also gives you the opportunity to experiment. At Pottery Barn, we know that your life experiences – vacations, concerts, hobbies and friendships – are always in motion. Any time a cool idea or new inspiration grabs your attention, feel free to incorporate it in your interior design. You don’t have to worry about sweeping renovations – unless you want to start with a totally blank canvas – adding small pieces like artwork, accent pillows or a coffee table has a huge effect on things. With free ship throws and pillows, you can implement your ideas in no time. Here are a few possibilities.

One way to innovate can be designing a custom color palette. Pillows and throws are naturally colorful and expressive, and they’re a favorite with interior designers for adding bright hues to the room. Why? Well, they’re the perfect size for it. Throw pillows are big enough to get noticed, but not so big as to overwhelm the rest of your decor. Blankets provide even more color, but in a way that’s completely controllable. If you want a little more, fold the throw in half or in thirds for a wide swathe of cherry red, lime green or gold. For a more subtle approach, you can fold the blanket into a narrow strip and drape it over the back of a chair or a sofa armrest.

What kinds of colors can you use for a living room? There are no limits to possibilities. As artist, curator and architect all rolled into one, you can literally give the room any color theme – and ambience – that you want. Before choosing exact tones, it can be helpful to think about what style and atmosphere you’re looking for. That’s because certain color combinations have a deep connection to specific places. Tangerine, gold, magenta, light green and aqua are traditional hues for Indian decor. They transform the room into an exotic celebration of life.

Any split-complementary theme – a base color and the two tones right next to its opposite on the color wheel – has this kind of vibrant and energetic feel. Purple, light green and light orange fill a living room with a retro 1970s ambience. Toss in a shag rug and some globe pendants for extra emphasis.

Monochromatic backdrops capitalize on the simplicity and power of the less-is-more principle. Minimalist designs are based on this, but you can really layer in as many pieces of decor as you want. In monochromatic themes, you pick one color to be the star of the show. Then, subtle variations of light and dark help create contrast and highlight points of interest. In a bedroom, for example, your color of choice might be green. Between your bedding, accent pillows, shams, throw and artwork, you can use varying shades of green to create a room that is extremely relaxing and natural, especially with a wood headboard.

The other thing pillows and throws excel at is texture. You can really see the difference this makes in neutral themes – focused on shades of gray or brown – in the living room or bedroom. Instead of having colors that grab your attention, you can use things like faux fur or quilted pieces to give your skin a supersoft treat. Even though everything has a similar tone, there’s a lot of variety design-wise because of the way light plays off of smooth leather, fuzzy fur, sheer velvet and other textures.

If you pride yourself on your artistic flair, that really shows in the way you decorate. Some artists go the punk-rock route with bright pink decor and black leather chairs. You can also express your creativity with abstract themes and furniture that focuses on form and contours. Another chic art style uses black-and-white decor throughout the room with a couple large pops of bright red, yellow or purple to make a statement. Decorative pillows with handwriting or phrases are a great fit for something black, white and red.