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Harmony and balance are two different but similar elements that give you amazing results in everything from art and music to cooking and interior design. Harmony refers to a group of objects working together in unison. Balance involves the way those objects relate to each other – like their distance from each other – and the way you distribute them throughout the room. When a space is both harmonious and balanced, it just feels right. Everything flows naturally, looks breathtaking and has a deep effect on your emotions. At Pottery Barn, that’s one of the reasons we offer such a wide variety of decor. We want you to have lots of options so you can find that perfect piece to put the finishing touches on your latest design masterpiece. Looking for something expressive and bold to fill in a space in your living room or bedroom? Our accent pillow value sale might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

A harmonious piece of artwork is one where every color used complements the rest. In other words, there are a lot of individual brush strokes used, but when you step back, you see the whole picture. The same principle is used in a musical symphony, where each note might seem insignificant at first, but when played at the same time they sound magnificent. How can you apply this principle to interior design?

One way is to look at the whole room – or an individual portion of the room like a conversation area – as a single unit. Add details and decor to a sofa or sectional, for example, as if you were creating a table centerpiece. The sectional is most likely the focal point of the room, or where you want to direct attention. The purpose of accent pillows, throws, rugs, floor lamps and side tables is to amplify the beauty of your main piece of furniture. They almost become an inseparable part of it. With a neutral-toned sofa, using accent pillows and throws with similar colors but different textures adds another layer of style.

How can you tell if a furniture arrangement is balanced and harmonious or not? Well, that’s the beautiful thing about art. It has to do with your personal creative vision. The goal is to create a space that looks right to you. That involves the heart just as much as the mind. If something is missing, you can usually feel it. Once you’re happy with the way things look, then it’s perfect. Of course, you can still move furniture around and swap decor with changing seasons or whenever you feel like it. Each room is like a blank canvas that you can paint over again as many times as you want. That keeps things fresh and exciting.

Is there a right number of accent pillows to use when decorating sofas, sectionals and chairs? Not really. Part of the answer depends on your room’s theme. With traditional styles, like a Victorian-inspired living room, balance usually involves symmetry. It’s like looking at a sofa with a mirror down the middle: even numbers and pairs of identical pillows at opposite ends are popular elements. With modern decor, balance isn’t quite so mathematical. Asymmetrical designs using odd numbers of pillows is very chic. You can put them anywhere: two pillows on one side and three on the other, or a couple of pillows opposite a folded throw.

One important difference between balance and harmony is that something can have a strong contrast and still be totally balanced. For example, there’s nothing wrong with using several vibrant accent pillows, lamps or vases to make a statement in your room. In a predominantly neutral bedroom, using bright red or turquoise pillows – or both at the same time – is very exciting and artistic. A shiny mirror, sheer curtains and a photograph over your bed with a few hints of color contribute additional ambience.