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Replace Your Cabinet Hardware for A Room Refresh

Explore new kinds of cabinet hardware to give your room an incredible upgrade with almost no effort. This simple trade-out does everything from polish off a full-scale renovation to make a 24-hour room challenge a breeze. Discover the styles and finishes available at Pottery Barn to create a beautiful look in your home, down to the last detail. Shop pulls, knobs, handles and latches now.

Switch Up The Look in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Cabinet hardware can make a difference in many rooms. Most people like to start with the kitchen or bathroom, but you can trade out the drawer or cabinet knobs on dressers, bedside tables, hutches, armoires and more.

  • In the kitchen, start by selecting a hardware style for your upper level of cabinets. Many people like cabinet pulls here for their ease of use and modern look.
  • Then, if you have a row of drawers over your base cabinets, you might want to choose coordinating knobs and then go back to pulls for the base cabinets.
  • You can also use just one type of hardware or reverse the placement of what you have now for greater facility when cooking or cleaning.
  • In the bathroom, select cabinet knobs for everything or a mix of knobs and pulls. Trade out the hardware on bathroom vanities or standing towers of drawers.

Deciding Between Knobs, Pulls and Handles

Deciding whether you should choose knobs, pulls or handles mostly comes down to personal preference, although there a few instances where one might make sense over another.

For instance, you might want a knob on a nightstand. The shape might be easiest to grab from the side while you're in bed, especially compared to something like a bin pull that would look amazing in a kitchen full of gliding pantry drawers.

  • Knobs create a classic look. They often are available in modern silhouettes like flat discs or more traditional styles like a fluted glass knob.
  • Pulls offer lots of variety. You can go for bin or cup pulls which are shaped like half cups for underhanded or sideways grabbing and pulling.
  • Some people like pulls that are open on both sides so you can grab from the top. These are usually what people use in the bathroom.

Choose the design style that works best for your home, furniture and personal style. This quick swap helps you feel like you're stepping into an entirely new space.