Votives and Candle Pots

One of the functions of decor is to create ambience. That way rooms delight your senses and emotions equally. Interesting color combinations and furniture arrangements wow the eyes, and things like textures, lighting and scents reach the heart. At Pottery Barn, we want to help your spaces feel exactly the way you want them to. Candles, wall sconces, throws and artwork are a few ways to influence your room’s overall vibe. What kind of ambience can you craft using votives and tealights?

Votives are popular for wedding celebrations. There’s a reason for this. Their gentle flames and glass holders are very romantic. Votives are closely connected with love, much like sharing a glass of wine on a balcony in Paris, or slow-dancing under the stars in a Tuscan courtyard. Everything else just disappears, except for you and your special someone. In a bedroom, the soft glow of votive candles give it an intimate ambience. This is especially true when combined with warm wall colors like rose or burgundy, pleated bedding and an elegant rug.

Because of their warmth, candles are also good at helping you to relax. If you feel like pampering yourself – there’s nothing wrong with that – adorn your bathroom shelves and counters with several scented votives. Soft lighting tells your body that it’s time to unwind, and your muscles are only too happy to comply. When combined with the effects of warm water and soothing bath salts, it’s easy to feel like you’re a guest at an exclusive spa. Some health experts believe that the aromas of candles and diffusers also have a physiological effect on you, reducing your heart rate, getting rid of stress and boosting your immune system. Afterwards, snuggle for a while in a supersoft bath robe. It makes sleeping soundly at night really easy.

Votives are also great for entertaining guests. They look gorgeous in both formal and casual dinners, but for different reasons. If you’re planning an elite social event with hors d’oeuvres and glamorous evening wear, using votives and lanterns gives the occasion tons of elegance. White fabrics are a classic for tables, slipcovers and outdoor curtains, but you can also show off bright colors that light up the night. When it comes to more intimate celebrations with close friends and family only, candles and string lights are nice because they make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s almost as if you’re telling your guests that you’re fond of them. Expect lots of laughter and beautiful memories while sharing a tasty meal at the dinner table.

Candles don’t have to be lit to give a room ambience. Clear votives with white candles add freshness to any room. A bathroom countertop adorned with candles feels clean and bright. Keeping votives on top of your vanity or dresser gives your bedroom a positive atmosphere that gets your day off to a great start. You can amplify that brightness with neutral-toned bedding and a large floor mirror. Solar shades let plenty of sunlight inside your room, but diffuse it so it has a pleasant softness.

Tealights and votives are amazing for creating vignettes around the house. Sometimes it’s as simple as putting a beautiful candle pot or two on the shelves in your living room. You can also exercise your creativity even more. Tealights generally float, so if you have a favorite clear vase, it’s easy to design a stunning centerpiece with fresh florals, colored stones and a floating candle above. In fact, tealights can go just about anywhere you can imagine, including inside hollowed-out fruit – like an apple or star fruit – inside a wineglass or mason jar, and inside seashells.

Unscented varieties are advantageous for the dining room. They add elegance to the dining table and give meals the four-star treatment. Because smell and taste are so closely linked, unscented candles let you enjoy food to the fullest. Overhead pendant lighting also helps set the mood in your kitchen or dining room.