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Apartment Bed Ideas

The wide assortment of bed types makes it easy to furnish an apartment bedroom. Whether you're shopping for a bed for the master bedroom or are putting together a guest room, the first thing to consider is how much room you're working with. Apartment bedrooms sometimes range on the small side, so it's important to choose a bed that helps you maximize the space you do have.

Here are some bed types that work well for apartments:


The daybed is a multifunctional furniture piece. It can be folded out for use as a bed, or folded up for use as a sofa. Some daybeds have backs, while others are designed for placement against a wall. This style of bed is good if you have a spare room and can't decide if you want it to be a family room or a guest bedroom. With a daybed, it can be both.

It's easy to add style to your daybed with a grouping of decorative throw pillows. A neutral-hued daybed can be accented with any color and is easy to coordinate with other elements of the room. Daybeds aren't just great for guest rooms; they're also good for kids' rooms because they free up play space.

Platform Bed

Platform beds are great if you like a sleek, modern look. This bed type eliminates the need for a box spring, which gives it a more streamlined appearance than a traditional bed. Some platform beds have drawers, making this bed style good if you need more storage space. Platform beds come in a variety of materials, colors and finishes, including wood and metal.

When it comes to comfort, there's little difference between sleeping on a traditional mattress and a platform bed mattress. You can select a platform bed mattress with a firmness level that meets your needs. Some platform beds have drawers underneath, which provides valuable storage space for clothes and bedding.

Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed is designed especially for small spaces because it folds up into a closet, or folds up to fit against the wall. This style of bed is also called a wall bed and a pull-down bed. It was invented around 1900 by William Murphy, who at the time lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment and needed to free up space for entertaining. Today, the Murphy bed remains a stylish solution for small and multipurpose rooms.

This type of bed is especially good for studio and efficiency apartments because it disappears out of sight when not in use. Murphy beds let you make the most of your apartment's floor space -- so you can host that dinner party or do that at-home yoga session.

Storage Bed

Storage beds come in all kinds of different styles, but they all provide storage room for items like linens, clothes, books, technology and other essential items. A storage bed can even eliminate the need for a dresser because it has drawers built right in. You'll find storage beds made from wood, metal and other materials; styles range from traditional to modern.

A storage bed is a good choice for a child's or teen's room because it provides space for stashing clothes, toys and games out of sight.

Traditional Beds

If you love the look of a traditional bed, you can find those that are compact enough for an apartment bedroom. To help save space, opt for a twin-size or full-size bed instead of a queen or king. You can optimize space with a traditional bed by using the space underneath as storage. To prevent clutter, use storage totes to keep items contained and organized.

Bed Styling Tips

It's simple to give your bed a stylish appearance. The bedding you select can make a big difference in the look of the entire room. As a general design guideline, white and other light colors open up a room and impart the illusion of more space, while dark colors tend to close a room and make it look smaller. If you like to change the look of the room on a regular basis, opt for a duvet and washable duvet covers in different colors and prints.

Pottery Barn has a variety of beds that are good for apartments of all sizes, done in a variety of designs to suit every preference. There's also bedding, furnishings and decorative accents from which to choose, so you can create a bedroom that's just your style.

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