Finding Stylish Beds for Small Rooms

Make way for an amazing new bed with Pottery Barn's selection of beds for small rooms. These high-quality bed frames rely on chic design and long-lasting materials so you can enjoy coziness and comfort in an urban apartment, tiny home or smaller house. You can also look to these beds to create a modest bedroom area in an open loft or warehouse apartment. Living minimally has always been hip--now your choice of beds is, too.

Save Space While Keeping Comfort

The elements that make any bed comfortable hold true for beds for small rooms. When it comes to design and construction, the difference here is scale. Your smaller bed fits into corners, alcoves or compact rooms, but it feels just as wonderful as any bed you choose based on your sleep style.

  • For a streamlined approach with a touch of design character, choose a headboard you love and pair it with a simple bed frame. Skip the bulk of the footboard but keep some style.
  • Choose a metal bed frame for a lightweight solution. These frames usually have a lot of negative space between an open bar or pipe-style construction. The industrial style is a showstopper in any size of room.
  • Enjoy a bohemian lifestyle with a daybed that doubles as your main place of slumber. These often come with the bonus of storage underneath.

Platform Beds for Small Spaces

Platform beds are a high-style selection for any home. Known for their sleek design, these are great beds for small rooms because their construction is so simple. Since they don't require a box spring, you can place your mattress directly on top of the platform for a low-key way to make the bed.

Making The Most of Storage

Your bed isn't your only opportunity to create a well-designed, streamlined living space. Even in a smaller apartment, you need storage. Fortunately, many beds for small spaces accommodate storage. Pair yours with a set of smaller nightstands to maximize space.

  • Look for built-in storage directly under the bed as one of your first solutions. Shop beds with drawers built into platform frames or cubbies with baskets you can easily pull out when needed.
  • Modular bed styles let you organize all your smaller personal items, like books, electronic devices or art objects.
  • Some storage surrounds the headboard so you can see everything facing front. Other beds tuck shelving into the sides of deeper headboards for a hidden way to keep personal items within reach.

Once you find the bed you love, help your space feel just as big any other with the help of lots of cushy, luxurious bedding. Your smaller home is still your sanctuary--at any size.