Three New Mattresses Revolutionizing Sleep

From built-in sleep monitoring systems to ultra-cool surfaces, modern mattresses are taking advantage of the latest in technology to deliver the ultimate sleep experience. Here are three mattresses that are changing the game.


One of the key benefits of memory foam mattresses is that they conform to the shape of your body. While this can be good for relieving pressure on the back and joints, the softness of memory foam mattresses may restrict airflow and trap body heat. Purchasing a firmer memory foam mattress usually doesn't resolve the issue; in fact it can make the problem worse. Since denser foams allow less air to pass through, they absorb more body heat than foams that are less dense.

Some mattresses have cooling gel beads infused into the foam, but these beads only offer a temporary solution. The mattress may feel cool at first, but the gel beads gradually absorb your body heat through the night, trapping it within your mattress. If you sleep with a partner, even more heat will be trapped in the mattress, resulting in a restless, uncomfortable sleep.

At first glance, Leesa seems like any other high-density foam mattress on the market. It features a six-inch high-density foam core wrapped in two inches of pressure-relieving memory foam. A closer look at the top layer reveals where Leesa is different from other memory foam mattress brands. Leesa's 2-inch top layer is made of Cooling Avena® Foam, an alternative to latex foam and can offer a consistently cool night's sleep. Cooling Avena® Foam is characterized by its egg carton-shaped design, which allows for better circulation of air. This allows Leesa to deliver all of the pressure-relieving benefits of high-density foam without the overheating problems that are typical of these types of mattresses.


Tracking your sleep habits can provide you with valuable insights into how many hours you sleep each night, the quality of your sleep and if you're getting enough of each stage of sleep (light, deep and REM). While there are many fitness trackers, wearables and mobile apps that use accelerometers -- tiny components that detect movement and convert it into electrical signals -- to measure your sleep behavior, these devices and apps have a few drawbacks.

For one, most wearable health and fitness trackers have short battery lives, making them unsuitable as sleep monitors. Another problem with many wearables and sleep tracking apps is that they can have difficulty detecting your movements on a foam mattress that conforms to your body shape as opposed to a soft spring mattress. This can lead to inaccurate sleep tracking results.

Robin solves these problems with the Robin Sleep System, which pairs a high-density foam mattress with a SleepScore Max Sleep Improvement Monitor. Powered by ResMed™ technology, the SleepScore is a contactless device that measures the time it takes you to fall asleep, the duration of your sleep and how much time you spend in each sleep stage. The monitor sits on your bedside table and syncs to a mobile app that provides you with daily sleep scores and personalized advice for getting a good night's rest.


Because of the way foam mattresses are designed, they tend to have edges that are less firm than those on innerspring mattresses. Many people find that this can lead to a sensation of rolling off the side of the bed unless they sleep right in the middle of the mattress. Mattresses without springs can also have the opposite problem: they may start to sink in the middle over time, which can cause you and your bed partner to keep rolling into one another.

The Sapira mattress features a unique hybrid design that combines an inner core of individually-wrapped pocket coils and five outer layers of foam. The individually-encased coils provide unmatched body contouring and extra edge support to prevent the feeling of falling off. If the lack of edge support has prevented you from switching from an innerspring mattress to a memory foam one, the Sapira may just be the mattress that wins you over.

We spend a third of our life sleeping, so it's only natural to want the most luxurious mattress possible. The above brands make the most of advanced technology to offer a restful night's sleep. Look to them for inspiration when choosing the best mattress for your needs.