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6 Tips For Styling a Small Bedside Table

Decorating a small bedside table is challenging. Too few accents and the table looks unfinished. Too many accents and it looks crowded and disorganized. So how do you strike the right balance between sparse and cluttered? Consider the following basic design principles as you browse Pottery Barn's collection of small night tables.

Start with the Basics

Your lamp will be the most important item on your nightstand, so you'll want to be sure to choose one that is adequately sturdy without taking up too much of your nightstand surface. This will leave enough room for accessorizing with a stack of books or a scented candle. Alternatively, you can forego the table lamp altogether and install a wall sconce above your nightstand.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

The bedside table is an ideal place to display a framed photograph of a loved one or a favorite piece of artwork, but what if you don't have enough room on the tabletop for photo frames? Make use of the vertical space you have available by hanging photographs and artwork on the wall behind your nightstand. The wall space behind it is also a great place to mount a mirror; it will add more natural light to the room and make the space feel airier.

Think Small Scale

While a large item placed on a small nightstand can create visual impact, small accents can be equally powerful. Displaying miniature trinkets draws attention to each piece and add an unexpected dimension to your styling. Think tiny bud vases, small decorative globes or a candy dish that's just large enough to fit a couple of mints.

Make Use of Built-In Storage

If you have limited space to work with, a table with integrated storage is a no-brainer. Look for a small bedside table with built-in drawers, shelves or trays that will help you keep books, magazines, remotes and power cords stowed neatly out of sight.

Keep it Simple

Restraint is key when styling the table. When choosing decorative accents, it can be helpful to keep in mind the adage that less is more. Reserve the table top for essential items like your lamp, alarm clock and phone charging dock.

Put it All on a Tray

Despite our best efforts, nightstands tend to become repositories for a variety of odds and ends, from car keys to spare paperclips. A simple trick to make your table look organized is to keep small items on a tray. Trays are available in a wide range of colors, styles, materials and sizes, so don't be afraid to get creative. A silver plated tray will instantly add an air of elegance to any bedroom, while a brightly-colored tray can add a pop of color to the space.

When it comes to styling a small bedside table, simplify is key. Too many items placed haphazardly will quickly overwhelm a small table top. A well-considered arrangement, on the other hand, will not only add functionality to your nightstand, but also express your personal style.