Unconventional Uses for Bookcases

Despite their name, bookcases can be used for so much more than storing books. Bookcases are no longer just heavy wooden units meant to display the spines of your favorite novels and texts. They come in all sorts of sizes, colors and materials to suit a variety of purposes. With a little furnishing creativity, these versatile shelves can leave your home office and move on to organizing many other spaces in the home.

Bookcases in the Kitchen

If you've ever cooked a big family meal, you know how important it is to have plenty of space in the kitchen. Clear off your counters by using a bookcase to hold dishes, pantry supplies and even small appliances. An open shelving unit gives you the flexibility to store small and large items and keeps your kitchen feeling airy and bright.

Bookcases in the Bathroom

You may not be able to fit a full bookcase in the bathroom, but tiny shelves can be the perfect small space solution. Bathroom bookcases organize all your hand towels and bath towels so they're easy to reach after a shower. You can also fill a basket with extra bathroom supplies to make cleaning and restocking a breeze. Bookcases are also a great spot to display plants and flowers, adding a little freshness to any bathroom.

Bookcases in Closets

If you have any closets without shelves, you may be missing out on a lot of organizational potential. But you don't need fancy built-in shelving units to maximize your vertical space. Bookcases are easy to move and install and fit well into small closets. In a front hall closet, a bookcase will keep shoes organized in pairs. You are much more likely to use your shoes when each pair is easy to see and easy to reach. Placing a basket on one of the shelves will also help to organize loose items like scarves, hats and umbrellas.

Bookcases are also the ideal addition to other closets throughout the home. In a broom closet, a small bookcase will keep cleaning sprays upright and organized. Smaller items, like buckets, rags and dustpans will also fit well on these shelves. Towels, blankets and extra sheets fold up and sit perfectly on a set of shelves in a linen closet. Bookcases can even help organize bedroom closets, creating the perfect space for folded t-shirts and purses to sit.

Bookcases as Accessories

Though most bookcases are used for practical reasons, they can also become a strictly decorative item in your home. The smooth shelves can hold everything from picture frames and family heirlooms to plants and flowers, decorative candles and collectible items. With multiple color and style options available, you can match the bookcase to any room's existing furnishings, then fill it with fun, beautiful pieces you'll enjoy seeing day after day.

Though the primary function of a bookcase is to hold books, they can be used for so much more in modern households. Ultimately, the only limitation is your imagination, so stock your shelves with anything you need to organize and display. Since bookcases come in so many unique styles, you're sure to find ones to match the furnishings in every room of your home.

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