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Dining Room & Kitchen

The Most Comfortable Dining Seating for a Small Space

Your dining room can be one of your favorite rooms in your house even if it's on the smaller side. A tiny area for eating can feel cozy and warm when it's just you or your family or a few friends. When you have a big crowd over for a celebration or a dinner party, you can still make sure everyone feels comfortable and at home with the right seating for your space. By choosing dining-room seating that takes into account how your family and guests will feel from getting settled to getting seconds on dessert, you'll be certain to enjoy delicious meals and make wonderful memories for years to come. Comfortable seating can make even the tiniest dining room feel like it's a grand dining hall. Get inspired to expand the feel of your space with comfy seats that are perfect for your home.

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs are the way to go when your dining space is a little more on the formal side or if you just love the cushy feel of a softer seat. Upholstery adds a lightly padded fabric to your chairs for an elegant, finished look to a wooden frame. The padding is at the seat, so you can relax into a delectable meal. Sometimes the padding is at the backs or arms of the chair, too. The upholstery at the back makes leaning into your chair feel sumptuous without taking up a ton of extra room in a smaller dining room. Chairs with arms tend to take up a little more room than chairs without arms, so decide wisely when considering what works best for you.

Wooden Chairs

If you have a tiny dining room, but you know you're going to fill it up with family at every meal or you just love to entertain, you might prefer wooden chairs over upholstered ones. Wooden chairs still allow a sense of formality because you can set individual place settings, including name cards, in a traditional or celebratory manner. They are also a little easier to keep clean than upholstered chairs. They can be every bit as comfortable when you select chairs that are crafted with contoured seats and backs that follow the natural curve of your body when you sit down to eat. Some people find them more comfortable, too. Just like some people prefer a firmer mattress, you may have friends or family who prefer firmer seating at the dining table. If this is your clan, go with the wooden chairs. They'll still allow you to fit in lots of seats, since there are so many styles that don't have arms.

Bench Seating

To open up the look of your dining room and still have space for everyone, consider bench seating. This is a more casual way of making room and you have lots of design options with benches. If your space is extra-small, you might want just a plain bench with no back resting against one of your walls. You can pull it out a few inches, too, but people might like the back rest. Be sure you've selected an easy-to-clean paint if this is the way you go. If you have a little more space, you can choose a bench that feels more like it might be in a refined restaurant or a favorite cafe with a high back and curved arms. This style can be perfect as comfortable seating for a small crew in a small space because it feels cozy, but it's not too close. Benches are great for smaller rooms, because they let people decide how much space to put between themselves, too. This gives everyone room to breathe, plus elbow space when it's time to start passing around dishes or beverages.

Floor Seating

For casual gatherings, you can set up a fun, yet sophisticated seating arrangement for dining in small space on the floor. This is an intimate and popular way of eating in many parts of the world, where food is shared and savored as a ritual rather than just the speedy meals of our modern society. Many people have shared anecdotally the benefits of eating this way. It can be supremely comfortable, because most people will sit cross-legged or fold their legs into a lotus-like position, which takes pressure off the spine and may aid in digestion. If you'd like to try it in your space, create a welcoming area around a low coffee table and have plenty of trays on hand for people to use if they choose. Pillows, poufs and ottomans keep the vibe convivial while keeping everyone comfortable.

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