Small Dining Tables for All Your Meals

Set a table for one, two or more with small dining tables. These compact versions of a full-sized dining table are built for all lifestyles. Use one as your main dining area in an urban apartment or studio space. Make your kitchen an eat-in with a cafe or bistro size--and discover how drop leaves can revolutionize your interior planning. Skip standing over counters for meals and invite over more friends than you thought you could. These tables are here to make dining in as comfortable as possible.

Choosing Round or Rectangular Tables

One of your first decisions when shopping small dining tables is whether you want a round or a rectangular table. You can look for square tables, too, but to get the feel of a full dining table, a rectangle is the right shape.

  • Round tables are great if you want to start entertaining more often. As long as everybody likes each other, you can squeeze the chairs around the perimeter. Everyone faces everyone else for good conversation.
  • Go for rectangular if you love a traditional dining room look. Choose one with minimal apron and leg details to allow for more space.
  • If you've got your eye on a bench for seating along half the table, you need a rectangular table. Same goes for if you love the idea of chairs with arms for the heads of the table to pair with armless side chairs.

Whichever you choose, you can still create spillover space with a buffet or carts.

Drop-Leaf Tables Let You Claim Your Space

For an ingenious take on small dining tables, look to drop-leaf styles.

  • These tables feature a section of surface area that hinges or slides into place as part of the table only when you need it.
  • The rest of the time, you can either store the leaf elsewhere in your home, like a closet or basement, or leave it in the down position, folded into the rest of the table, where it creates a clean side.
  • To maximize space, choose a cart-table hybrid that lets you prep meals and then pull up the leaf to eat.

Working in Small Kitchen Tables

Small kitchen tables can create a more intimate dining space for your home, too. Fit a table into your existing kitchen, even if you already have a separate dining area, to dedicate a space to quick weekday breakfasts, after-work snacks or a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Complement The Look with Dining Chairs

Master the art of decorating your smaller home by selecting exactly the right dining chairs for your table. Select slim legs, minimalist backs and comfortable seats so you feel at home and settled to tuck into a delicious meal.