Improve Organization With Small Hall Trees

Successful home organization requires the right elements or pieces that allow you to store those everyday essentials and cut down on clutter. Pottery Barn helps you improve organization with pieces like small hall trees, which are designed to serve as a stylish catch-all for purses, laptop bags, backpacks, coats, shoes and more. These versatile storage solutions don't require a lot of square footage to transform an empty space into a practical dropzone for those everyday items that might clutter the hallway or foyer. So, learn more about the small coat racks and entryway furniture available in this collection to find a storage solution for your home.

Multi-Piece Sets

For maximum storage, consider the small hall trees and multi-piece units available in this collection. You can discover entryway furniture sets that include one or more vertical sets of shelves combined with a bench. These sets work well for spaces with ample square footage, such as a spacious foyer or open mudroom. Plus, they offer plenty of storage space and pair nicely with bins and baskets that can offer concealed storage for shoes, accessories and more.

Coat Racks

Coat racks are a timeless storage solution and add a decorative touch to your space at the same time. Pottery Barn's collection of entryway storage solutions includes several coat rack styles. Discover both wooden and metal varieties, which are designed for durability. Multiple hooks offer ample storage space for you or your guests to hang coats, hats and purses. Or, consider a wall-mounted style, which frees up floor real estate while still offering several hooks that deliver convenient storage.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Entryway furniture also includes wall-mounted storage solutions. A variety of ledges and shelves add both style and function, serving as a spot to store essential items or display decorative accents. Some styles include hooks or cubbies, which make these shelves especially versatile. Fill the cubbies with keys or chargers, or hang purses or coats on the included hooks.


Benches are another versatile piece of entryway furniture. Many of these benches include open storage under the bench, perfect for placing baskets that can hold a variety of items that might otherwise be scattered across the floor. Plus, benches offer functional seating, creating a space where you can sit down and take off or put on shoes. Many styles boast a sturdy wooden construction, with plush cushions accenting some of these benches.

Small hall trees and storage solutions can transform your entryway into a well-organized space. Featuring durable wooden constructions and neutral finishes, the pieces in this collection coordinate well with any home. So, optimize organization in your home by investing in the right elements to keep important items stored but easily accessible.