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7 Wall Storage Ideas for Apartments

Having a small living space doesn't mean you have to minimize your entire lifestyle. With the right wall storage solutions, you can get the most from your home without compromising the way it looks.

Shelving and Wall Storage: Common Styles

There are several styles available when it comes to shelving and wall storage pieces and knowing the ups and downs of each can help you make the right choices for your own home.

Two types of shelves and wall storage are best-suited for walls: floating shelves or hooks and shelves with fixed brackets. Floating shelves don't display any hardware; they simply jut out from the wall. They're ideal for spaces with limited floor space, but they aren't quite as sturdy as shelves with reinforcements are. Shelves with fixed brackets can usually handle more weight than floating shelves. If you choose individual shelves, you can build a completely custom look.

Within those types, you'll find plenty of attractive options, like:

  • Corner shelves. Corner shelves tuck neatly into wasted space in the corner, with or without visible brackets.
  • Ledges. Ledges feature a lip on the outer edge to help hold up picture frames and other items.
  • Rows of hooks. Rows of hooks typically attach directly to the wall and are ideal for jackets, backpacks and handbags.
  • Full wall-mounted shelving. Rather than individual shelves, full wall-mounted shelving features two or more shelves or compartments.

When you live in an apartment, it's essential that you pick the right types of wall storage based on what you need most. These seven wall storage ideas can ensure that you're making the most of your living space.

1. Use Hanging Storage Closets in Cozy Bedrooms

Increase the available room you have for clothing by using a hanging storage closet in your bedroom or tucked away on a closet wall that isn't equipped with a rod. Many hanging storage closets feature shelf space, too, which is perfect for keeping shoes and accessories organized (and off the floor).

2. Choose Hook and Shelf Combinations Near the Door

Combine furnishings and functionality with a hook and shelf combination unit near your front or back door. You'll have a place to hang your hat and put your keys, plus you'll be able to style the area so it's warm and welcoming. You can use these shelves to replace a console table that won't quite fit if you're in a cramped space.

3. Use Floating Shelves Along the Top of Your Bedroom Wall

Create a tremendous amount of storage space by installing floating shelves around the perimeter of your bedroom wall. You can stash baskets, books and decorative items up there, depending on how much space you leave between the shelves and the ceiling, as well as the depth of your shelves.

4. Hang Clothing Hooks in the Corners of Bedrooms

Prevent overstuffing in your closet by installing clothing hooks near the corners of bedrooms or on a closet wall that doesn't have a rod. You can use them for bulky items, like coats and bathrobes or to prep tomorrow's outfits.

5. Use Wall-Mounted Shelving Above Your Commode

Conserve precious counter and cabinet space in the bathroom by mounting shelves behind your commode. They're perfect for decorating and, if you choose deep enough shelves, you can use them to store linens.

6. Add Spice to Your Kitchen With Ledges

Save counter space by installing a few rows of ledges in the kitchen. You can use them to store spices, kitchen tool organizers and a few accessory pieces. Pro tip: make sure the ledges are deep enough for your purposes.

7. Mount a Wall Shelf for Office Supplies

Keep clutter off your desk or table by mounting a wall shelf designed to hold office supplies, paper and other odds and ends. Mount it at desk-level so you can reach for what you need without getting up - it'll be like an extension of your workspace.

Why Wall Storage is Just Right for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment with limited space can be challenging, but with the right wall storage ideas you can make it work to your advantage. Finding creative, attractive ways to incorporate shelves and wall storage units into your home can free up floor space and help keep you from outgrowing your space too quickly.

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