Shop Small Shelves to Get Organized Today

Shelving helps you get organized in just about every room in the house. From the bathroom to the living room or your home office, the right shelving setup can help you create more floor space and get essentials up off your coffee table or desk. Where do you start when you've got a small space though?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of small shelves for your home, as well as all of the different places you can use them throughout your house.

The Benefits of Small Shelves

Getting organized is its own reward, but there's more to functional, stylish storage than that. Here are a few reasons you should take advantage of small shelving styles in your home:

  • Shelving helps you clear clutter. Say goodbye to clutter by getting all of those little things up off your surfaces. Add shelves and you might even be able to see your coffee table, nightstand or desk again!
  • The right shelving makes it easy to sort your belongings in tight areas like the bathroom. Adding a simple floating shelf to your bathroom or choosing a bathroom shelving system like over-the-toilet storage can help you make the most of a small room. Freestanding shelves and shelving systems also help get bedrooms and kid's rooms organized easily.
  • Shelving gives you a way to show off your favorite accessories. From framed pictures to scented candles, the right shelf can make it easy to blend these must-have small items in with your large pieces of furniture.

Available Styles

Ready to add more storage with shelving? Here are a few popular styles you can utilize in every room:

  • Small shelving systems. Shelving systems for the bedroom, living room, bathroom and home office take the guesswork out of finding what's right for you. Look for multi-tier shelving to give you a leg up on all of your storage needs.
  • Floating shelves. Great for decorative items and lightweight storage, floating shelves make a minimal mark on your walls, leaving your room design open and airy. Glass shelves, marble shelves and more decorative options give you control over your final look.
  • Decorative shelves. Bring lots of style to your room with decorative shelves from Pottery Barn. Designed with hardware you'll want to show off and tons of different shelving looks, you can make small shelving systems or individual shelves a main part of your decor.

Shop small shelves at Pottery Barn today to reduce clutter and get every room in your house in tip-top shape. Find floating styles, decorative shelves and oversized bookcases to suit your room right now.