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High Design with a Small Sofa

Find the perfect way to furnish a sitting room or cozy living room with a small sofa. Smaller versions are made of the same solid construction and high-quality touchable fabrics as a full-size sofa. The difference is the proportions. Some small sofas are the same depth, but not as long as the bigger style. Others are fully compact to squeeze in an extra dose of comfort nearly anywhere.

At Pottery Barn, you can curate a furniture suite that's just as stylish as the sets in larger homes. Start shopping today to see how incredible your apartment, tiny home or smaller house can look.

When To Shop for Smaller Sofas

You can fit a small sofa into any number of spaces. While they might have the right proportions for a smaller home, they also offer a cushy, comfy spot to relax in bigger homes, too.

  • Place a love seat in front of a television to create an intimate living room set-up in an apartment.
  • Use your smaller sofa to complement the full-sized version across the room or in an adjacent area in an open floor-plan home.
  • Create a waiting area in an entryway or foyer. That way, if one of you is ready to go out first, there's a nice place to relax while others catch up.
  • Top off a bedroom full of little luxuries with a small couch for lounging, reading, online shopping or scrolling.

Furnishing an Entire Living Room

Most sofas end up in living rooms or other common areas for entertaining. Outfit yours with everything you need to complement your love seat.

  • Adding an ottoman can make a small couch feel like there's a lot going on. You've officially created a sectional situation.
  • A bench can help create the same effect. Try one that doubles as a table with an apron shelf for a smaller room or area.
  • Treat yourself to lots of throw pillows to liven up the room. When you don't have a ton of space, a few punchy accents can make the room stand out.

Building Your Own Furniture Set

One brilliant way to get the same furnishing feel as a larger home is to build your look with a small sectional. These elemental furniture sets are usually known for their grand scale, but when you shop smaller versions, you can afford the space after all. Try a corner chair with two armless pieces or break up your small sectional to anchor corners.

With so many solutions available now, a smaller home or apartment has all the space you need.