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Small Space Living Room
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Small Sofa Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

If you're working with smaller spaces in your home, you can rest assured you won't need to compromise on the comfort and functionality of your furniture. Cozy living rooms and dens are easy to attain even with limited square footage. Small sofas combined with a clever approach to your interior design will allow you to make your space inviting and stylish. Take a look at these ideas to use for inspiration when outfitting your room.

Sofas with Legs

A big factor in maximizing your space is creating positive visual depth. A sofa that doesn't have a standard base can go a long way to making your room seem bigger. Sofas with legs are clever because they give you room underneath to accessorize with storage compartments or you can just align a colorful rug with the sofa for a sleek, cohesive design.

You can even decorate traditional interiors with sofas with exposed legs. Camelback sofas that feature wood legs are a real treat for the eyes and they provide an enviable old-timey vibe.


Daybeds are the ideal solution if you're a homeowner looking for a versatile piece of furniture. They're compact enough that they can fit in an intelligently-designed corner of your home or they can be the centerpiece of your sitting area. Come nightfall, they're great for doubling as a bed if you need extra room for guests.

Sleeper Sofas

Speaking of extra room for guests, a sleeper sofa is another good alternative. Sleeper sofas typically provide enough space for more than one guest, so you have the opportunity to accommodate single visitors and couples as well. With the right decoration, you can transform your living room into a bonus guest room.

Another added perk of sleeper sofas is the fact you can use them if you ever want to get comfier in your living room. Whether you're entertaining or not, it's very convenient to be able to turn your sofa into a bed for you to spread out however you like.

Armless Sofas

It might seem like armrests are a staple feature of sofas, but you'd be surprised at how quaint and polished a room can look with an armless model. Armless sofas are incredibly effective for the space-conscious buyer because they naturally take up less room and don't make a dent in the overall comfort level of your room.


Perhaps the lesser known type of sofa in our list, a settee is the ideal candidate for small rooms. Settees are designed to accommodate only two people, so right from the outset you already know they'll go great in confined spaces. Further, settees often come in bold colors that will pop in any interior. If you like rearranging your room regularly, a settee also affords you the opportunity to attempt different room layouts whenever the mood strikes.


The appeal of loveseats is right there on the tin: they're purposely cozy and romantic. As far as two-seat sofas go, loveseats also come in a wide variety of styles and designs, including armless, plush back and with exposed legs. If you put a premium on unique furniture that can serve as a focal point in your living room, there's no better option.

Accessories for Small Sofas

The type and size of your sofa is a big part of optimizing your living room, but there are several tricks you can use to complement and complete the aesthetic you want. Opt for bold, warm colors like blues and earth tones. They give visual texture and depth that'll make a space cozier and apparently roomier. On that note, don't forget that the floors. They're an empty canvas that you can use to your advantage, with colorful, thrifty area rugs.

If you want to expand your seating potential beyond your sofa without compromising on valuable space, poufs and ottomans are the solution. They can double as footrests and makeshift coffee tables, too.

Pulling the Room Together

As you can see, there's no shortage of small sofa options that work well in small spaces and, in some cases, even build and expand the room you have available. Always consider the amenities that come with each sofa, like storage potential, reversible models that you can adapt depending on the situation and of course, comfort level. With a little creativity, finding the right small sofa for you is sure to be a breeze.

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