Make The Most of A Small Desk or Table

A new apartment or home with a small footprint requires a new eye for design. Now that every inch counts, your interior decor skills are at the forefront. Show off just how much you can do with a compact home by using a small desk or table to maximize space. The surface area is a must in any home--and now there's a way to enjoy it without any single piece of furniture taking over the whole room.

Start Using a Writing Desk

Fall in love with the idea of a minimalist space where you can focus your thoughts and complete tasks one after the other. When you pare down your concept of essential, you quickly realize how much space you can create.

  • A writing desk can easily accommodate a laptop, a mouse pad, a streamlined desk organizer with pens, styluses or other small items and even a candle or other decorative object.
  • Fit a small desk into an urban apartment, tiny home, smaller historic house or simply a tight alcove that deserves to be used.
  • Use other nearby furnishings for home office needs. Put books into a media center or use a small table to hold Internet equipment.

Small Table Multi-Tasking

As you begin to layout your home, discover different uses for smaller furnishings. For instance, a small table can be repurposed to suit your needs throughout the day and evening.

  • Use it as a coffee table where you can put coasters or a tray to hold beverages and snacks.
  • Increase your storage by selecting a table with a drawer or an apron shelf. Use the shelf for books, papers, decor, electronic equipment and more.
  • Write notes or letters, finalize work projects or spread out decorating or other creative samples on your small table, just like you would with a larger desk.
  • Place lamps or candles near seating with smaller tables that you can move to the front of a love seat or piece of a sectional to use as a coffee table when you need it.

Desks in Different Rooms

Small home office desks can fit into the decor of most rooms. Many modern homes include open floor plans or multi-purpose areas where a desk becomes an on-trend lifestyle piece in a busy home.

  • If you share an apartment or house and need a little quiet to focus on work or studying, place a desk in your bedroom.
  • Create a study sanctuary in a corner with a small desk and shelving. Focus on books, interactive lessons, creative software and more in a dedicated space.
  • Put your desk in an alcove by the kitchen, entryway or other high-traffic area. This will help you manage bills, keep important correspondence or paperwork at hand and remind you to sit down and get organized when life gets full with activities and events.

A small desk or table can make all the difference in your smaller space. Enjoy your home at any size with finely crafted furnishings from Pottery Barn.