Space Saving Media Ideas for an Apartment

In most households, the living room is the gathering place. It doubles as a place to relax and unwind with family and a place to host guests at a party or event. With so much activity, the living room can quickly feel overcrowded, especially when there's not a lot of square footage to work with. That's why it's so important to design your living room carefully, choosing furniture and accessories which use your space effectively. Even the smallest spaces can come to feel open and inviting with the right design tricks.

Use Your Horizontal Space

In a small living room, it's important to take advantage of all open space - even the space that's not ideal, like underneath a windowsill. Short, wide media consoles take up very little vertical space, allowing them to fit underneath windows and give you extra storage shelves. These consoles can also sit flush against a half wall and provide a large and useful surface in an otherwise awkward design area. Short and wide media consoles are also a common choice for any long, empty wall as they are wide enough to easily fit your television and media players.

Use Your Vertical Space

A room's vertical space is perhaps more important than the horizontal space as it is often left unused. If you have high ceilings, take advantage by placing tall media towers around the room. These types of units take up very little floor space but can store and display a large number of media items.

Another way to effectively use a room's vertical space is by hanging your television on a wall instead of sitting it on a media unit. When you place the room's focal point high on a wall, it draws the eye upwards, creating dimension. Not only does this make your space feel bigger, having your television on the wall also leaves more room for storage and accessories on your surfaces. Since sofas and chairs are usually pointed towards the television, hanging your television will also give you more freedom to rearrange your furniture in a way that best suits the room.

Fill Every Corner

In situations when you don't have room for a full media chest, a small corner unit is the perfect solution. These types of units take advantage of a corner's depth which is otherwise wasted space. They use very little floor space and yet can generally hold a small- or medium-sized television. Corner units also come with shelf space for storing books or DVDs. Since these media consoles fit so neatly into the corner of the room, you'll have plenty of space to move around and entertain guests.

Create Multipurpose Solutions

In small spaces, it's important to use every inch of storage space at your disposal. Media cabinets and towers may have been originally designed to hold items like DVDs, but that doesn't mean they can't be useful in other ways. If you have the open space, use your media consoles to hold other household items, like clothing, knick-knacks and spare linens. As long as your unit has opaque drawers, no one ever has to know what's inside. If you've chosen a unit with open shelving, consider placing a few baskets on the shelves to conceal any clutter. You can also try the reverse - if you have chests or drawers elsewhere in your room that are empty, fill them with your living room media overflow to save space.

Let the Light In

Dark, heavy wooden tables and bookcases give off a much different vibe than lighter furniture in pale shades. In smaller rooms, you'll generally want to stay away from dark finishes and bulky designs as they have a heavier "visual weight" and make the room look smaller. Furniture in lighter shades, like white and pine, will feel fresh and airy. Choosing media consoles with open shelving or glass accents also contributes to the overall light and airy look.

Adding mirrors is another popular small space furnishing trick to use. Mirrors are not only a pretty and functional wall enhancement, they also reflect light, adding artificial depth to small spaces. Hang a large mirror over a short, wide media console or a series of smaller mirrors next to a tall media console to add depth and decorative flair to your living room.

Your home says a lot about you, so having a living room that is cozy and inviting for guests is very important. By implementing certain design tricks, even the smallest living space can feel open and airy. And by choosing furniture that fits well into the room, you will not only have a cozy living space but one that is well organized and functional too.

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