How to Choose a Sectional for Your Apartment

Sectional sofas are popular for a very clear and compelling reason: they're the most versatile of all sofas. You can mix and match your arrangement with the seasons or according to your needs, like if you're entertaining or looking to expand your seating area. These modern sofas balance functionality and unparalleled value to create a stunning visual in your apartment. Here's a primer to help aid you in making an informed choice when acquiring a sectional for your home.

How to Measure Your Available Space for a Sectional

The best way to approach selecting a sectional for your home is by taking precise measurements of the dimensions that'll fit well in your environment. Here's a step-by-step guide to assist you:

1. Use a tape measure to figure out the height, width and length of your room. It's important to have overall dimensions before you endeavor to determine the space you'll use for the sectional.

2. Pay special attention to any built-in shelves in the room or window sills. If you intend to use either as a backdrop for your new sofa, taking accurate height measurements is crucial.

3. Use masking tape to create an estimate of the area that your sectional would potentially occupy. Keep clear margins and hallways for walking around and for getting in and out of the room with at least one foot of open buffer space.

4. Measure the length and width of the available space you've sectioned off with masking tape. Those are the parameters you have to work with. If there are equal amounts of room throughout the entire area, you've got prime real estate for a U-shaped sectional. If you have an irregularly distributed area, reversible and L-shaped sectionals are best.

The Best Fabrics for Sectional Sofas

Any piece of upholstered furniture requires careful consideration when it comes to the fabrics and fibers that'll go into the cushions. Pottery Barn carries a wide array of sectionals that come in different materials so you can be sure you'll find the ideal fit for your home.

A timeless classic material for sectionals is leather. If you can find a good deal and a quality model, you can rest assured your new home addition will last you a long time and will provide you with all the comfort you need.

Other popular materials are twill, canvas, linen blend, vintage velvet and polyester blends. Any of these is resistant and durable. If you're concerned about preventing wear and tear, look at slipcovers that safeguard your new sectional and make maintenance a breeze.

Discover the Best Placement for Your Sectional

With a sofa as adaptable as a sectional, you've got plenty of options to optimize your available space. The social areas are the busiest parts of a home. When you're furnishing your living room and sitting area, it's important to achieve the right composition and set-up to account for comfort and the expected foot traffic. The number one factors to keep in mind when measuring for a sectional is where the entrance to the room is located and which way the windows face.

Ideally, your sectional should be opposite of any windows, so you're able to maximize natural lighting in your room. Sectionals can be symmetrical, converging in the middle, or they can boast an asymmetrical L-shape. For airy, high-ceiling living rooms that directly face the windows, symmetrical sectional sofas are best. If you're placing your sectional beside a window, choose an L-shape version with the shorter side farthest from the window.

Sectional Layouts for Entertaining

If you plan on hosting a get-together at your home, there's no better tool in your arsenal than a sectional. Your seating area is already naturally suited for conversation and mingling due to a sectional's configuration. Reversible models give you the opportunity to rearrange the space to allow for greater foot traffic or to make it easier for guests to communicate. Finally, there are Build Your Own models available at Pottery Barn that give you a highly customizable layout.

The best arrangement for social events are those that center around your coffee table. You can play with the configurations of a four-piece sectional and even create four main seating areas that showcase your interior and are convenient for your guests. Complete the visual with a coffee table rife with snacks and refreshments and you're set.

Pulling the Room Together with a Sectional

Sectionals are the solution to the modern and ever-changing home. They can outfit spaces that ordinary couches wouldn't accommodate and grant you the opportunity to transform your space with new and inspired layouts. Plus, they're perfect when you need to improvise.

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